The Favazza-Bastow Wedding – Michigan


I just returned from Michigan where I spent the last weekend photographing Alex and Laura Bastow’s gorgeous wedding.

Firstly… it’s pronounced “bass-toe” like the fish and appendage on your foot.. How many people’s minds were just blown? Anyone? Cuz there were definitely friends at the wedding that didn’t know how to correctly pronounce Alex’s last name. Haha!
Anyway, I had a great weekend with these two who were kind enough to fly me out and host me for several days in the middle of all the normal craziness of a wedding. To add insult to an already-hectic time in anyone’s lives there were massive MASSIVE rains in the greater Detroit areas and their basement flooded a week before the wedding. These two handled it like a boss, though, and didn’t let it phase them or their plans for a great weekend with their relatives.

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The Foyt-Hornshaw Wedding, Lake Orion, Mich.


I just returned from the Foyt-Hornshaw wedding and their gorgeous weekend in Michigan!

I’ve known Caitlin and Phil since college at Central Michigan University. We all worked for CM Life, the school’s newspaper. I have a ton of great memories from my time at CM Life even though there are only a handful of friends that I still keep in touch with.
Caitlin and Phil are two of those people.
During college I knew Caitlin a bit better than Phil, I think mostly because her and I always seemed to be in the office at crazy hours. We also both put in long nights between her writing and my managing the photo department. I remember her always sitting at one of the computers writing something or working on her classwork while waiting on stories to appear (via the police scanner or otherwise). This is also why we ended up joking around or talking to pass the time.
It led to moments of the utmost productivity, like this gem:


Clearly we were working very very hard that night.

Quite similar to how hard me, Phil, and the other editors were working this afternoon….

We got some serious distance with that launcher. Don’t worry, no one was around. But that fruit cup…um… didn’t survive.

After graduation I returned home to California, and then about a year later I moved to LA. An about a year after that was when Phil and Caitlin decided to move west and head to LA themselves.
It was still quite a while before our schedules and lives slowed down enough to a point that we finally crossed paths, but that’s LA for you. Everyone is busy a lot of the time and really you just need to schedule time to have time… plus it’s fair to argue that I’m not around that often, either.

Well, fast forward a bit and Phil and Caitlin are engaged! And I’ve been asked not only about their wedding photography, but also engagement photos, too!
Sweet! And we’re going to the Color Run in San Diego for them! Even more awesome.


You guys might remember seeing these. It was a pretty fun morning but these were definitely the highlight for me. Something totally different for their engagement shoot!


Well, since that day in November (wow! it was a while ago now, wasn’t it?!) the wedding has come and went.

Michigan turned out to be a bit chilly (for my Californian blood anyway) and I found myself turning on the heater in the morning when it was 58 degrees out and I left the house to go get my iced chai tea… Yep, I’m that guy at the coffee shop – the one that doesn’t drink coffee.
But the wonderful thing about Michigan in the Fall is the light. Hell, most of the year there is such incredible light to shoot with. I don’t know if the people there realize how great they have it. Blue skies and white puffy clouds are totally normal. We have to photoshop things like that back in Los Angeles.

I’ll get to the pictures here shortly and let them do the rest of the talking with some captions here and there. Save to say that my weekend with the Foyt and Hornshaw families was pretty awesome. I had such a wonderful time getting to know everyone. I had met a small handful of Caitlin and Phil’s friends back in LA, and a couple of them were there at the wedding, too. But to have more time to hang out, talk, and laugh with everyone was a blast.

So, with that… I’ll shut up. Click past the break for the remaining images in this 250 photo blog post about the Foyt-Hornshaw wedding out at Lake Orion, Mich.

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Back to Michigan for the Gilding Wedding

Another old classmate and journalism friend got married two weeks ago – and I was there in Michigan to be part of it!

As many of you know, I just spent about 10 days out in the Midwest… the first time I’ve been back out that way in nearly two years. I was there to shoot Katie and Ryan’s wedding in Michigan. Katie and I used to work at the paper together in college while attending Central Michigan University. Many times we were the ones that would run out to cover some small spot news assignment like car accidents or things like that. Honestly, it’s funny to look back on the thing that we would go out to photograph and write about for the paper. Small town life during college was pretty different for someone like me.

Since college I returned home to California and Katie, over time, switched from journalism and writing to become a teacher. She now lives outside of her home state of Michigan and laughed with me about old stories from college and how things never really go how you expect them to when you’re working on your degree. My first evening with Katie and Ryan’s families was spent at the wedding rehearsal and dinner. And while there we caught up on other old friends and who still keep in touch with and who has gone where since those long nights in the newsroom working on the next mornings edition.

When I first met Ryan earlier that afternoon one of the first things he said to me was “it’s nice to finally meet you.. I’ve recently become a big fan of your work!” Receiving compliments is always flattering, and I responded with “Oh! Great! You’ve looked at it!” Haha! You guys would be surprised how many people I shoot for that haven’t really taken a look at my photography. Typically I’m booked by one of the two who has either met me, seen my work, or was referred to me by a friend of theirs. And it’s great to get referrals that way, but it’s equally funny when I hear that the other person in the wedding may not have seen any of my work.

The rehearsal started off a bit bumpy… oddly enough the wedding coordinator at the country club didn’t come out to help us, show us around, or give any sort of direction like “here’s where things are and here’s a basic idea of how things will go tomorrow”. Luckily we found one guy that was able to tell us approximately how things would be set up and where everyone would be getting ready.
Then once that part was sorted out I ended up helping everyone organize and figure out timing and details of the entrance/exit.  Typically I only have to stand back and watch at rehearsals, but, if people are a little unsure of which order things should go then that’s where it helps that I’ve done this a bunch of times. Katie and Ryan were great about it too and laughed and thanked me for helping keep everyone moving through the rehearsal. Personally I think the funniest part was after we did a run through and I had to tell everyone to walk through it once more so I could actually take a photo or two instead of just directing!

The next morning started out a little slower since it was an afternoon wedding which meant the girls were going to be getting ready a bit later in the day. I made my way out of the hotel and out to the golf course. Katie and Ryan would both be getting ready at this location so there was only going to be one stop the whole day for all of us.

When I arrived at the venue Katie and her bridesmaids were already bouncing around getting things set up. Katie’s dad Mr. Maurer was also running around making sure things with the reception hall were looking good and organized, too.
And after the last part of the morning rush was done (which I fortunately missed) it was time to have a small lunch and then get ready to get ready. The next two hours or so was spent in the bridal room preparing with hair, makeup, and of course stories about college, work and other things in life. I was able to catch up with Katie a little more as well as get to know her bridesmaids a bit and hear about their lives – like Amy who works with sea turtles in the South.

Their ceremony was beautiful. Even though it was June in Michigan, it was breezy and perfect temperature in the shade under the trees where Ryan and Katie had their ceremony. Afterward we had just a bit of time to run out to the golf course for a few photos with everyone before the reception started.

The rest of the evening was a blast with plenty of dancing, drinks, and fun had by everyone that was there. I’ll save a lot more of the details for the captions as usual. I invite you to read on past the break for about 160 images of Katie and Ryan Gilding’s wedding.


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The Rundborg-Johnson wedding, Michigan.

The Rundborg-Johnson wedding, my third trip to Michigan this year!

Most of you guys that follow my work closely know that I travel quite a bit despite being based in Southern California. The place I’ve traveled most this year (repeatedly for work) was Michigan. Second place is Portland, OR.

This time around I was in town to shoot for Alison and Ray. I first met Alison last summer, during the DeLand wedding I flew to Michigan to shoot. She was one of the bridesmaids at that wedding.
Well, when Alison and Ray got engaged she contacted me to see if I was available and interested in returning to Michigan to shoot for her. Of course! It’s always flattering when someone would like to bring me cross-country to shoot.

Over various emails and phone calls we worked out the details and everything was in place as her wedding approached. Alison was actually planning her Michigan wedding all the way from Washington D.C. where she lives, people were flying in from various areas to attend, so naturally a photographer from across the country should be expected, right? I heard many different ideas that Alison had and was really excited about what was ahead of me.

Two of the things that stuck out in conversation with Alison were the church she was getting married in, and her grandfathers old car she wanted photos in. “Oh, I can definitely do something with both those” I thought.

The photo above was shot after the ceremony, on the way to the reception. We piled everyone into the limo and I followed along in my rental to her grandparents house. “He’s so excited to have his car in this shot” Alison told me before the wedding.
Well, we took a number of photos in and around the car. But it was HOT out, so we tried to hurry so Alison and Ray didn’t have to stand there and sweat the whole time. I also made them climb up into the rambler seat in the back.  Those photos are later, after the break.

The most important part of this whole wedding was the church. “When I was a little girl I told myself I’d get married here one day… fortunately Ray was ok with that too and we traveled back to Michigan for the wedding.” See, the church is owned by Alison’s grandmother, so there is a lot of sentimental value attached to it.
And Ray is the type of guy who is definitely going to do anything he could to make sure his fiancé was happy. A perfect example, and big compliment to me, was at the rehearsal dinner. Ray pulled me aside and said “We’re so happy you could be here. It really means a lot to Alison that you’re doing this.” “Oh, thank you! I’m really happy to be here for you guys, it’s going to be a lot of fun.” “It was really important to Alison that you photographed her wedding. So I knew we’d do whatever it took to make sure we got you. So Thanks.”
Wow, what an awesome thing to hear out of the blue as your hanging out with the families at dinner and the groom comes to talk to you.

I had an incredible weekend. I got to see a few familiar faces from the DeLand wedding of course, and meet a lot of great new people, too.
I’ll cut this part of the blog short. I have over 100 photos that I wanted to share with everyone. So, as usual I will be posting comments along with various shots.


more after the break..
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The D’Orazio Wedding, Michigan

… sometimes, you leave your wedding reception in a squad car.
<insert cliche about being sentenced to life here>… We should all hope to be so lucky.

I recently spent the week back out in Michigan. This was my second of three trips back out to the midwest this year. I was in town to shoot the D’Orazio wedding. I had been looking forward to this trip for quite some time. Mike and Christina booked me nearly a year and a half ago. Last summer I even had the honor of shooting their engagement photos while in Michigan shooting the DeLand wedding.
It’s always nice to hear any feedback on my work. I would say one thing for me that disappointing is that I never usually get to see my clients reaction to the photos I create of them. However during this trip I heard from both Mike and Christina’s families that they all loved the work I did for the engagement shots – and that they were all excited to see what I would do with their wedding day.

So, Mike and Christina… I hope that I don’t disappoint!

I have over 100 images in this posting. There were so many hilarious shots from the weekend that I had a hard time trying to narrow it down. So, hopefully you guys take a few minutes to look through everything. It should be quick to get through them. And, as always, I would love to hear any feedback from you readers about everything. Also, click on my Facebook fan page on the right hand column to stay updated with what I’m doing.

My weekend with the D’Orazio family was a blast. Spending time with Mike again was funny in the sense that Mike’s attitude was “do whatever you think will look good, John” every time I asked “So what are you thinking you want from your wedding shots?”.
Both the D’Orazio family and Vilk family said they had heard a lot about me. So, obviously I had the bar set pretty high, lol. But they warmed up to me fast, and ignored me taking pictures just as quickly. That’s always helpful since all my wedding work has a journalistic approach.

Anyway, I’m going to continue this blog post with a number of captions. There are so many small comments and stories to tell about the weekend that it’s better I do it with the photos that they relate to.
So please read on! Enjoy the photos, and leave your thoughts at the end!

Let’s get started…

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Two wedding, Two States, Four days apart.

What a crazy two weeks! The amount of work and travel was ridiculous – but a lot of fun.

I recently returned from a whirlwind trip that spanned THREE different states (not including California, where I live). My travels started off heading back out to Michigan. I was in Detroit-area again, this time to shoot the D’Orazio wedding.
For those who don’t remember, Mike booked me for his wedding nearly a year and a half ago. I was also able to shoot their engagement photos while out in Michigan last July shooting the DeLand wedding. Check out the last image on this page.
Mike and Christina make such a wonderful couple. They were a pleasure to photograph during their engagement session, and their wedding weekend was just as exciting. I have so many great photos from the day and a half I spent with their families. But rather than make everyone wait I wanted to upload a single preview for now to hold you over.

Also, Mike and Christina had this to say after my return home:

“John, we can’t thank you enough for everything! We know the photos are amazing! You are a true professional and we are proud to say you were part of the best day of our lives! Thank you again.”
-Mike D’Orazio

“I couldn’t of said it better myself!
I cannot wait to see the photos! I know how wonderful your work is, and it makes me so excited to see the final product :) You were very professional and did 110%. Thanks again!!!”
-Christina D’Orazio

After returning from Michigan I was home in California for about 15 hours before boarding a plane to Portland for my friend Theresa’s wedding. I was attending purely as a guest – however when a friend with gorgeous blue eyes gets married, I’m going to take some pictures regardless…

This is why you throw down a couple grand and buy an 85mm f/1.2
Yep, you read that correctly… couple grand… f/1.2 – this lens will be worth every penny.

I’ve known Theresa for seven years, we used to work together in Florida where I trained lifeguards and lifeguarded for the Disney Water Parks in 2003. So, when I heard she was engaged, I knew the exact photo I wanted to take on her wedding day… this image above.

I have a lot of photos from my trip north to attend the wedding; most of my photos are actually shots of me and our friends all hanging out laughing catching up on the last five years since we some of us last saw each other. But I also have some shots I took at the ceremony. Those will be coming in later weeks after finishing work for other clients.

Check back soon for an update on D’Orazio wedding!

The Gerhardt’s Michigan Winter Wedding

That was the first thing I thought of when I was asked by Tara about shooting her January wedding in Michigan. Well, it was probably a mix of “Damn, that’s going to be cold” and “there’s going to be a lot of snow on the ground”.
Tara is Todd’s older sister – my friend who flew me to Michigan last summer to photograph his wedding. Tara and Matt loved my work on Todd and Jessica’s wedding so much, that they contacted me about a month after Todd’s wedding and booked me for theirs.

So, I prepped myself for a cold Michigan winter wedding. I was trying to think of as many different ideas to do with the snow as I could. But, unfortunately a sudden change in the weather melted most of the snow before the wedding. However we were able to do a few winter-y shots. And honestly, having this shot above works perfectly to say “snowy wedding”.

I had another fun weekend with the DeLand family – and the Gerhardt’s were tons of fun as well. It felt like going to see my own family members the way that I was welcomed back and everyone excited that I was there. Matt’s family had heard a lot about me and were all very interested to see how I would handle his wedding images.

I’m very happy with how everything turned out. It was cold (for me), I’m not going to lie. It’s been three years since I’ve been through a Michigan winter – and it was a warm 34 degrees while I was there, too! I’m going to share quite a few images below… so be ready for a very large update.

I leave home again tomorrow, this time to the Bay Area to shoot Nicole and Will’s wedding in Santa Clara. So I’m currently prepping for another trip, packing, and gettin my gear ready… and I’ve only been home 24 hours. Check back in another week for an update on their wedding!

Even the rehearsal dinner was beautifully laid out.

I try not to over use black and white in wedding photos. But moments like this seem to look better unsaturated.

The first kiss… Such an important shot, and the priest almost made me stand to the side during the ceremony “and just redo the shots afterward”. It took a few minutes of talking to convince him to let me kneel front-and-center like I always do. Shot actually looks pretty good for not being allowed to use flash, too.

This was a shot that Matt and Tara already had in mind and asked me about. I was shocked because I just had talked about this same shot with good friend, and incredible wedding photographer, David Esquire a few days before I left for Michigan.

The standard dip shot I do with a lot of my clients. It was under 30 degrees out while we shot these. Matt and Tara did great with braving the cold weather for shots.

First dance as husband and wife. Tara looked so happy.

The Daddy-Daughter dance.. both Tara and her father got a bit emotional at the end.

And speaking of dancing… that’s Grandma Gerhardt gettin down to Cha-Cha slide…

After 57 years of marriage, you still see so much love in Grandma Gerhardt’s eyes when she looks at her husband.

I think I may have confused Tara when I asked her for her rings. But she was pretty happy with the results when I gave them back.

Matt barelyyyy stopped dancing the whole night.

One last dance of the night, and a last kiss on the dance floor before the party ended.

Tara, Me, and Matt

Todd, Me, and Jessica – can’t believe it’s been six months since their wedding already

The end of the night, walking back to the hotel after making a short appearance at the after-party when everyone went to the bar to keep the party going.

Todd, Kent, and me the next day.
Kent was mine and Todd’s Photojournalism professor at Central Michigan University. I’ve been lucky enough to see Kent a few times since moving home to California and even had the pleasure of speaking in one of his classes during one of my trips.

Thanks for reading this far if you made it through the whole post! More images will be on my blog and portfolio later. Now, time to keep packing for my trip to the Bay Area tomorrow!


MASSIVE Wedding portfolio update! 57 Images!

Break it down!
I think this shot of Kyle from his wedding four weeks ago in Texas pretty much sums up how I feel about getting this most recent update online and available for all of you to view.
This afternoon I uploaded a total of 57 new images to the Weddings section of my portfolio. There are images from four different occasions: The DuBose Wedding, the Knudson Wedding, the D’Orazio Engagement, and the DeLand Wedding… in order of most recent first. The image of Kyle above, is him showing everyone his version of Thriller… I have the entire series of Kyle breaking it down – and it’s hilarious. Maybe I’ll share it in my next blog post. I’m sure many of you read my previous post and saw the portrait I did for Kyle and Tiffanye, right?

Among other shots I selected this image of Tiffanye during the Daddy-Daughter dance. Typically I focus on the father during this moment in the reception. However I love the expression on Tiffanye’s face – she just looks so happy. And the lighting, color, everything else seemed to work in this moment.

And this last image from the DuBose wedding is one of my ultimate favorites from the entire reception. This moment between Kyle and his younger brother is just so pure between the way these two interact and joke. It was very easy to see how happy Ryan was for Kyle that whole day – and I feel I was able to capture that right here.

The Knudson wedding was the second wedding I shot during back-to-back weekends in Michigan while keeping my very busy schedule here in California.
Lisa told me many times on the phone that she “just wanted someone to take pictures during the event” and that “she wasn’t really too worried about it”. I told her that she would probably change her mindset at some point. While I don’t know if she did or not, I wanted to give Craig and Lisa photos that were truly spectacular.
I always say weddings are easy because it’s so simple to photograph two people who truly love each other. And if you read my previous blog post you’ll see how easy it was create great images of these two.

The marina that the Knudson’s chose for the reception was beautiful. After doing portraits, and some fun shots, on the docks/shoreline I found myself in this room with some really great lighting and color to work with. Nearly all the photos on the dance floor were full of purples, violets, and blue due to the color changing ceiling lights. This is their first dance as husband and wife. Please go view this in high resolution since this blog won’t do my shots justice.

Earlier I mentioned that the Daddy-Daughter dance is my favorite dance to shoot. THIS photo of Lisa and her father is EXACTLY why. The amount of emotion in Mr. Favazza’s face as his dances with his little girl says everything. I can’t imagine the feeling of knowing that your baby is all grown up and married; and I can only imagine what it will be like when I’m watching my sister and father share this same moment. Lisa actually told me this evening that this photo makes her tear up when she looks at it. I really feel as though this is one of my best images that weekend.

And the wedding that kicked off my month of madness and traveling all over the U.S. shooting… was Todd’s.
Todd is a former classmate, photographer, and friend from college. And as I’ve said in the blog entry about his wedding weekend, it meant a lot to be flown cross country for his wedding. We had a great time that weekend, too.
This shot above was when we were shooting at the shore, and the guys said “Hey, how ’bout we pick him up…” and they did.. They actually held him there for a while – but I of course ended up liking the very first shot.

Lighting at dusk was a bit tricky, and I appreciated Todd’s full trust and faith in me that I’d manage just fine. This moment during their first dance as husband and wife worked out perfectly. Todd leaned in a kissed Jessica right as they spun toward me. One of so many great moments between this couple  that I was able to capture on my weekend with their families.

And to end on a fun photo, here’s a shot of Jessica sitting down for the garter belt removal – on the knees of men that were told to kneel for her. Hahaha. Todd then had to crawl up to his new bride and remove the garter; the whole process was hilarious. And I’m pretty sure Jessica enjoyed every moment of it.

I didn’t realize just how crazy the four weeks of weddings and travel would be – I even shot off road racing in the middle of everything. I had such a great time being able to share is moment in the lives of old friends scattered around the country. I’ve received such amazing compliments from everyone as well. Jessica told me her and Todd spent 2 1/2 hours going through their images after receiving them. Lisa and Craig told me they spent a couple hours going through their shots laughing and reliving all the moments from their wedding. And I can’t wait to hear from Kyle and Tiffanye when they receive their discs of photos in the mail.

It took me a bit longer than I anticipated to edit everything. From these wedding, and Mike’s engagement shoot, I took nearly 4,500 images. And a few hundred of those got affected by a small hair that found it’s way in my camera while shooting in a salon – what a pain! But, over all, I’m VERY happy with everything.

Next up I have nearly three months of racing photos to edit. I haven’t done a racing update to my portfolio since the Long Beach Grand Prix – and I’ve photographed tons of events from probably 5 different sports (at least) in that amount of time.
Check back soon for a major racing update. And coming soon I’ll have the racer portrait series online that I started last month.

Good night all!

And Enjoy!

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Drag racing, XDL Freestyle Sportbike, and photoshoots…

Yep, that’s my boss.
No, really… it is.

Last Friday I went to Fontana to photograph some drag race practice for the day. The frustrating thing about shooting drag racing, other then them just going in a straight line, is that it’s not really a good sport to shoot during the day. Night time, dusk, lower light conditions are what help make for some really nice drag images..
But, I did the best that I could and came home with some halfway decent stuff. This particular shot is actually cropped in quite a bit from 200mm and has lost a lot of detail in the process. The day was also a practice day for select individuals to come out and test new setups – so, needless to say, it was slow moving.

This rider had a few shaky starts to his runs. I was actually fairly certain he was going to lose it at a couple points. But, he held it together and didn’t bail (thankfully).

Saturday I spent the majority of the day at the XDL Sportbike Freestyle championship in Irwindale. (I make my rounds to all the tracks in Socal, haha)
Honestly, for me, watching these guys break out some of these tricks makes me want to pick up a bike and start learning. I would never be an idiot out on the freeway doing this crap… but it’d be fun to just know how to control a bike like that.
I came home that night with a few hundred images from the competition. I still haven’t had time to sort them since I’m so busy with my other projects. However you can bet that I’ll be adding these to my portfolio soon. I’d also really love to do a dusk shoot with some color and lights with some of these guys… that’d rock.

I’ve also been catching up on TONS of other work from July – and even a bit from June. I’m incredibly swamped with work right now and have had trouble keeping up on my editing for my site. My work, and work for clients I’m on top of, however the stuff I do for myself I’m wayyyy behind on.

That being said, check out this wonderfully attractive image of yours truly:

This was during the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series, in Lake Elsinore, Calif. in the middle of June. It was over 105 degrees out on the track all three days. Yes, I’m wearing long sleeves and a scarf – my hat was on the table. I stay completely covered for outdoor race events. You stay cooler sweatin in a long-sleeve than you do in a t-shirt with the sun beating down on you.
Try it. Seriously.

Speaking of editing and catching up on some other work. This is an engagement shot I did in Michigan. I’ll be photographing Mike and Christina’s wedding next summer – can’t wait, we’re gonna rock it out with photos.
Sure, this shot is  a bit cheesy, but you know what… you need at least one cheesy, cutesy, pleasemomanddad photo during your engagement shoot.

And lastly tonight, a bit of insight on how I shoot.. I roll deep at weddings, night time location shoot, two assistants… ballllllin’

This is an image of the location shoot I did for Todd and Jessica during their wedding in Northern Michigan in July. This was during setup for our night shoot during the reception. We disappeared for nearly an hour, people started to wonder what happened, haha.
This is my Speedlite and Pocket Wizard setup. So easy to use, and very flexible for many locations and scenarios.

So, that will wrap up this update.
Tomorrow I leave to go back up to the Bay Area and see some friends and family. It’s another whirlwind weekend in the middle of my extremely busy schedule. I’m booked up the next two months solid – and once I return to LA on Sunday I’ll need to get back to editing again.

Hopefully I’ll have portfolio updates soon everyone!
Just keep coming back to see me


Weekend two in Michigan – another gorgeous wedding.

For the second weekend in a row, I flew cross country to Michigan to shoot a wedding.

This time around it was Lisa who called me “last minute” a few months back to explain some problems with the photography company they were dealing with. Long story short, her and Craig decided they wanted to bring me out from California to shoot the wedding instead.
I met Craig and Lisa shortly after transferring to Michigan to finish my degree. Craig I knew through football, he was on the team, and I shot the team..

The wedding itself was beautiful. It was a traditional wedding in an old Catholic church.

The lighting was really tricky – however the priest gave me permission to use strobes, and asked that I not photograph the sacrament part of mass. Easy enough rules to follow.

I have a lot of really fun photos from the reception, too. It was basically a huge party and small reunion for many of the athletes from school. I got to see so many old faces and I had such an incredible time with everyone.

I do want to share one particular photo though…

I captured this image of Craig, quietly waiting for the ceremony to start. You can see a hint of light catching the side of Ben, the best man’s, head on the right side of the image as they both sit in the darkness. I think it just shows the feeling of slight nervousness and anticipation as they talked beforehand.

One of my favorite images is this shot of Lisa, Craig, Me, and Anne after doing some portraits by the lake. We also took some really gorgeous ones at the marina as well. But the whole shoot was filled with laughter, and dancing. Anne was my hot assistant for the afternoon multiple times – gonna have to start bringing her to California to help on shoots now.

Also, I’m jumping back and forth between this wedding, the DeLand wedding from last weekend, and the D’Orazio engagement shoot.

This is another shot from the D’Orazio engagement shoot last week in Frankenmuth.
Mike really liked the bridge shot I did for Joanne and Jason two months ago for their engagement photos. This was a variation of that image on a pretty cool bridge out there. I’m pleased how it turned out. And while it looks nice in color, I think I prefer it in black and white.

Anyway, I have another busy week ahead. Tons of editing to do, many many images to color correct and tone.
This weekend I’m shooting the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series again – but it’s evening/night racing under the lights… so that should be a blast.

Check back later this week… I should have many more updates and some portfolio updates as well.