Portrait shots of Vaughn Gittin Jr, Chris Forberg, Ryan Tuerck, and Bil Baldwin


When I’m asked what I like shooting most of all my answer would be portraits. Which is saying a lot because I have the opportunity to shoot a LOT of different things from models to racing to weddings.
And while all those other things are a lot of fun, coming back around to portraits is where I always end up. It’s wonderfully simple an they’re WAY more interesting than a racecar on a track I feel like.

The Formula Drift season just kicked off for 2013 – and I’m sure many of you likely saw my blog post earlier this week about it. And during Round 1: Long Beach, I was on assignment from K&N Filters and AEM Intakes. One of the things I was required to shoot was headshots of various drivers that they sponsor. I immediately thought “Awesome! Now I HAVE to get photos with three of the busiest drivers at the track: Vaughn Gittin Jr., Ryan Tuerck, and Chris Forberg.
Now I’m not saying these guys won’t give you the time of day – that couldn’t be further from the truth. However as a photographer for one of their sponsors it’s much easier to get a few minutes of their time set aside specifically for you to photograph them.

Each of my portraits of these drivers only took me about 5 minutes to create. So long as I have nearly all my camera settings dialed than it’s just a matter of lighting being balanced, a few test shots, and a couple “real ones” where my subject can smile or do whatever they like…. then I’m done. Out of their hair AND I have both headshots for my clients along with an image and I can edit into the portraits you see above.

I also met and photographed Bil “The Bearded Man of Drift” Baldwin, who’s become a bit of a legend in the Drift world. I actually had heard of him through a friend of mine that knows of Bil from the “Beard Life” community, haha!

Me and Bil, right after his portrait the morning of the race!

Anyway, click past the break for the portraits I created of Vaughn, Ryan, Chris and Bil – along with some Behind the Scenes that my buddy Rex shot while I was working with Vaughn!

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Supercross images uploaded, Lucky 7 Lifestyle Release

So shooting the Monster Energy/AMA Supercross event on Saturday was one of the coolest events I’ve had the opportunity to cover recently. My first Supercross show, first off, not to mention some crazy weather the whole weekend that made for some really insane riding conditions for the teams.

I have a so many great photos… I shot 2,400 the whole day. It took me a while to narrow that to only 24, and then I selected nine to add to my portfolio. I decided to create a new section to my portfolio, called Racing, since I’ve been covering quite a bit of it recently. It’s up and running currently, and all traffic to is being redirected to that section for the time being.

Check it out, let me know what you think of the shots by commenting here on my blog.

Naz, me and Amy at One Sunset, Hollywood.

That same evening I went from Angel Stadium up to One Sunset, in Hollywood for the Lucky 7 Lifestyle release party. Unfortunately I was extremely late and didn’t have nearly as much time to rock it out with everyone as I would have liked.

I was pretty tired, and I’m sure looked like total crap – well, I probably looked like I had been shooting all day the cold and rain.
I only took about 40 images while there… not many at all, but for those that are interested, they’re in a small gallery by clicking either photo above, or this link here.

And with this week starts many other projects and things in the works for me.

Stay tuned for updates everyone..
The next few projects are gonna rock.