The Maxwell-Barron Wedding. Monterey, Calif.


The Maxwell-Barron wedding last weekend was absolutely gorgeous – and a ton of fun.
I’ve known Paul for 19 years now… wow… just did the math. That’s a long time. Hilary I met either in Jr. High or High School, I don’t really recall exactly when however I do remember back when we were all attending Cupertino High.
Over the last several years it’s been fun to watch the two of them together as they’ve dated since they’re ridiculously cute when they hang out with one and other. Paul and Hilary are one of those couples that just always seems to be having fun together. And having grown up since my early teens with Paul, knowing what a kind person he has always been, and knowing Hilary through my high school years, as the always-sweet-and-friendly friend of my younger sister, it was disgustingly cute to see them wind up together. Hahaha!

I have a lot writen out about their gorgeous wedding in Monterey. And I have various photos from all the weddings I’ve been lucky enough to attend with Paul and Hilary.
So click past the break and read on if you have some time! I hope you enjoy the images. I had a lot of fun with the Maxwell and Barron families and I hope all of you enjoy this glimpse of their wedding day!

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Roxy & Tom’s Beautiful Beach Wedding

Tom and Roxanne’s Monterey beach wedding was nothing short of beautiful – and amazingly, we almost didn’t have it on the sand. Can you believe that?!
I’ll get to that story in a few moments, but first, let me introduce you to the Schaffer’s. I met Tom and Roxanne through one of my oldest and dearest friends, Phil. Roxy is his younger sister. And, when her and Tom got engaged Phil told her that he would take care of photography and his wedding gift to her. So I was the gift, how cool is that?!
Apparently Roxanne had been a fan of my work for quite some time and would watch my website and check out new images that I would post up and things that I’ve shot. So, to hear how thrilled a bride was when hearing that I’d be shooting her wedding meant a lot.
The Schaffer wedding was in Monterey, California. I was actually just down the street from where I shot the King wedding a month or so beforehand. I wrapped a trip to the Bay Area around Tom and Roxy’s wedding, and then shortly after flew to New Jersey for another wedding – but that’ll be a different blog update.

Now when I say the beach wedding almost didn’t happen, here’s what I mean. About three hours before the ceremony the coordinator for the hotel came into the room to talk to Roxanne. The hotel explained that “there wasn’t enough beach” because the tide hadn’t gone down yet. They also pointed out that it was foggy.
This bothered me for two reasons: First, don’t freak out a bride THREE HOURS before the wedding ceremony with something you can’t be sure of. That’s just stupid, and it’s too far away to tell for sure. Second: Did I mention it was THREE HOURS til the ceremony? It’s 1pm in Monterey. The ceremony isn’t until 4:30pm. Don’t try and say there “isn’t enough beach” or “it’s too foggy” for a beach wedding – this client booked your venue BECAUSE she wants a beach wedding.
Imagine my frustration when I see a bride walk back into the room with a huge look of disappointment on her face. This venue just convinced her not to have her beach ceremony. My opinion? They didn’t want to move everything off the patio and down to the sand – they had a morning patio-wedding and everything was already set up.
Long story shorter… I talked to Roxanne for a bit, and finally asked “Do you want a beach wedding?” Silence. Of course she did. “Call (the hotel people) back. I’ll talk to them.” So, me and a bridesmaid or two when and spoke to the hotel, explained that we were doing it on the beach, and that they need to set up what they can because the bride wants a beach wedding.

I share this story with you guys for a few reasons. First, working in this business you start to see things occasionally that shouldn’t happen – like a venue changing plans last minute that seriously affect what the bride wants. Second, because whether you as a photographer, a guest, a relative, or any vendor sees something like this, then you may need to be that “jerk” that tells them they can’t do that. And most important, is that it’s the bride’s day. I personally believe it’s safe to say that a bride who wants a beach wedding will be happier having that wedding on the sand with her feet in the water if she has too more than moving it to a patio hours before the ceremony happens. What a bride wants (within reason), she gets… most of the time, it’s not nearly as hard as people think.

I know that story was a bit long, but, I wanted to share.
Keep that story in mind as you look at the photos and see what a gorgeous afternoon it turned out to be by the time the ceremony happened.
And, as usual, I’ll be leaving quite a few comments and captions with the photos below.


First though… Let’s meet the whole family :)
Tom and Roxane, then Reese, Taylor, Katie, Jordan, and Mateo.

Many more photos after the break.

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The Holl-King Wedding, Monterey, Calif.

When an old friend like Eryn asks me to shoot her wedding day, it’s definitely something special. Even more was that when she was in the planning phase she double checked my schedule first to make sure she selected a weekend that I was available. How flattering!

Being able to be a part of Eryn and Ryan’s wedding was wonderful. Eryn and I go back a long time – back to days when we worked together (she’ll be the first to point out that she was my manager, too) and had silly jokes like calling each other ‘Jim’ instead of our given names. We both still answer to that with one another though.

The Kings were married at  Santa Catalina Chapel, which is part of the Santa Catalina boarding school. Eryn spent part of her school career there, and various women in her family were alumni themselves. So not only was the location beautiful, but also meaningful to the bride.

Ryan had this pose down. Seriously. It took very little direction on my part to get this image, and Ryan has the “Why yes, I DID just step out of a tuxedo magazine” pose goin on like it’s his job.
Ryan is one of those grooms who had complete and total faith in his wife’s decision on the photographer. I’m glad I had the chance to meet him over dinner prior to the wedding, however his personality is one that seems to click with everyone that talks to him. And it was heart warming to be able to watch and see how much Eryn loves him.

Eryn and I made sure to have some fun and take plenty of shots. There were so many areas around the venue to shoot, but Eryn knew exactly where she wanted images made. The rest was mostly left up to me. Given the style and age of the school I felt a bit of aging was needed for this portrait.

I have over 150 additional images after the break that I want to share with you. I know, it’s a lot, but like I said Eryn and I go back pretty far. And since she was always so excited to see new images from other couples weddings that I photograph, I want to make sure I upload plenty from hers!

In two weeks, my little sister is getting married, and Eryn was teasing me this morning about how it’s a shame that I can’t tag along to Hawaii and be around to photograph all the activities they do. How cruel is that?! Haha, I love Hawaii! I personally think Eryn and Ryan should just reschedule their honeymoon til the week after when I’m free… don’t you? Haha!

Enjoy the photos, leave any thoughts in the comments section.
Check back soon, too! I’ll be up in the Bay Area by the end of the week and will hopefully have some time to do some new shoots.

view the photos after the break
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