Dairy Farm & Rancher portraits, Tennessee

At 81 years old you wouldn’t expect to hear that Gerald Hitchcock is still working his ranch. But ask him anything thing related to his farm and he’ll smile and answer proudly.

Gerald is actually my step-dad’s father. So, this blog is a bit more personal since I don’t typically post a lot of family related things here. However the fact that he’s 81 and still gets up every day to work his ranch is just an awesome story in itself.
The portrait I shot of him is quite simple, really.
“I have the ranch cuz I had the tractor (bulldozer)” he told me when I asked about the large piece of equipment. He pointed out that over the years it was the the tractor that made the money to allow him to get the farm and feed the family. Mrs. Hitchcock, his wife who still hosts family gatherings at the holidays cooking tons of food for everyone, even told me “Oh that’ll be good (gettin a photo with the bulldozer). That tractor has been the backbone of our economy (for the family).”

I wanted to keep the image simple and straight forward. And while I originally thought of just having a standard shot with his ranch/property in the background, it quickly became obvious how integral this piece of machinery was to the family.

As I’ve gotten older and progressed in my career as a photographer since my college days, I’ve realized more and more how important personal images are to me. And, with that, the importance of photos of my family. I’ve since started a personal project of creating portraits of my family members, starting with my own grandparents. I will probably share those in a later post. But, when talking to my step-dad about his parents, I knew his father would be an awesome portrait to take simply because he’s still working and doesn’t seem as old as he is when you talk to him.

Jim Grissom is the nephew of Gerald Hitchcock (above).
Jim was born and raised in Tennessee; he owns and operates Mountain Farm Dairy in Van Buren County.

I met up with Jim on a hot afternoon when he was busy working to repair one of the farm’s tractors. He was covered in dirt and laughing at the idea of me wanting to take his portrait. But, that was exactly what I was hoping to capture… him in his element.

Dairy farming is a hard job. A 15-16 hour work day, seven days a week is something that most people would never do. Jim and his family are proud farmers though – he and his sons have degrees in Agriculture and all returned to the farm after completing school.

Jim, while calm in these shots, was actually laughing quite a bit at my choice of location for the photos. But, being a very bright day I needed him in the shade so I could capture a nice shot of his face and eyes.

I’ve always had a lot of respect for farmers. I think it’s one of the most under-appreciated jobs in the US. So meeting people that are proud of what they do like Jim and Gerald – family or not – is humbling. So when you start whining about your office being too hot/cold, or complain that you have to put in an hour of overtime one day… remember that there are people out there working twice as hard. And they’re proud to do it.

I’ll be continuing this series over the next couple weeks. So check back those of you who are enjoying these portraits.

Also coming up will be more modeling photos. So, I may shift over to a different extreme in photography and be posting beach model photos in the next week. Haha. We’ll see…

David Esquire, Esquire Photography – portrait shoot

David Esquire, of Esquire Photography.
Talented photographer. Memorable personality. Truly an artist. And great friend.

“I don’t like it.” laughed David when I showed him this image while shooting. “What?! Why not? That’s a great portrait. That’s YOU!” I responded. “Because… I look vulnerable.” he said. “Exactly, that’s why it’s good!” I laughed back. “Yeah, I know, and that’s why I don’t like it!” David said laughing.

David did actually like the photo everyone. He was laughing because he’s not used to having images taken of him that are somber, calm, and actually give the viewer a bit of insight to him and who he is.
I met David two and a half years ago. It’s safe to say he was actually one of my first friends I made down here in LA. We met while working on million-dollar Beverly Hills weddings – because that’s just how we roll… Ballin. Haha, but really, we met while working with Cherie Steinburg, CherieFoto of Beverly Hills. It was a ridiculously busy and massive wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  David and I spent our lunch break chatting and learning about each other and their work. Turned out we had many commonalities and David could appreciate how I quit my old job and life to pursue photography full time in an area I had never lived. We’ve been great friends since.

David is someone I’ve been able to look up to, someone to confide in (which is difficult in our business to have close friends you can talk to about photo-related things). He has been a major source of advice, wealth of information, and MASSIVE supporter of me while I’ve tried to carve out a space for my work in the over-saturated Southern California market.

I’m not sure how much of that I’ve ever actually told David in the past, but I’ve really valued his friendship these last few years. So, when I started going through ideas of people I wanted in my Portrait Series, David was at the top of that list. Now the hard part would be making our schedules match up. He’s a busy guy, let me tell you… not many people can balance three or more weddings in a week and still give each bride the world – but, he can.

Now, onto the images… and I’ll share a bit more through the rest of this blog:

“Photography is like sex! Seriously, think about it. You’re focused, in the moment, completely oblivious to the world when you’re shooting… that’s sex!”
That’s got to be one of the greatest comparisons I’ve ever heard about photo.
For those of you who have had the chance to meet David, you can probably picture him saying it, too.

David brings an energy, with personality and style, everywhere he goes – I don’t think I’ve heard him give the same name twice at Starbucks for his drink… ever.
That same energy and attitude is what I was hoping to capture during our portrait session in Huntington Beach the afternoon we went shooting.

We created a great variety of shots, all different, and we did it in a short amount of time. Really the afternoon was much more about catching up  and chatting than shooting – again, our schedules never seem to match up.

I decided to bring out his eyes in this shot to humanize it rather than have straight attitude from solid shades.

Here’s full shot of the first image at the beginning of the post. A very simple portrait, but, when cropped in tighter as I did above, it becomes a much more intimate look at a side of David most may not get the chance to see. But, David gave me the chance to photograph it.

Cell phone shot by David when we started. hahaha!

David’s Twitter feed: HERE
David’s website: Esquire Photography

David will be one of my featured images at the RAW Artists: Hollywood showcase on April 7th at Playhouse, Hollywood. I hope you guys can all come by and check out my work! You’re going to want to pre-order your tickets online, they’re $10. Lounge attire required, 21+ only. http://www.rawartists.org/hollywood/unearthed/?artistid=10284


Joey’s Star Wars shoot – 501st Legion

I’ve known Joey for about five years, and everyone who knows Joey knows that he’s a big Star Wars fan. He’s been a fan since he was a kid. But, it’s been the last few years that he has been building costumes and doing character appearances.
We’ve talked about doing a themed shoot for a while now. But it wasn’t until recently that we were able to make it happen when our schedules finally matched up. See, Joey is in the Bay Area (where I’m originally from) and I now live in SoCal.

Joey had a few various costumes that he wanted to use for shots. Actually, I think I was the one that wanted variety, he was cool just getting some good images of the Stormtrooper suit.
For those who aren’t aware, there is a national group – the 501st Legion – of fans who have suits that match specifications to be true to the characters. These are the guys you see at special events and character appearances.

The image above I created as a possible option for my portrait series that I’ll be showcasing in Hollywood next month. The rough edit and feel matches the style of my previous portraits but the character aspect adds insight to Joey’s personality and one of his many hobbies. Sure, I could have done a mechanic-styled shot at some later point in time (Joey is a highly skilled mechanic by trade), but this image is much more fun.

Anyway, enough of that, on to the images!

I wanted a standard looking Stormtrooper white-on-black image

Total “hero” shot… even those these are the bad guys. Haha!

These were pretty cool.
The Clonetrooper suit was awesome. It’s weathered and completely different design.

Also a great suit. I don’t know the proper name for this trooper. Sorry Joey!

That’s it! There were some other images, but, very similar poses/etc that I’m not going to bother posting online.

This week is already busy with lots of editing from all the travel last week. I have some new portraits that I’m editing, as well as some shoots this week that I’ll be doing.
I’m getting things prepped and ready for the art show as it approaches. Hopefully everyone can try and make it out and join us in Hollywood!

Go buy your tickets now! $10 (that’s it, just a $10 cover) http://www.rawartists.org/hollywood/unearthed/?artistid=10284

Themed shooting with Kamal Moummad

One great thing about working with someone like Kamal is that every time we shoot I can get at least two, if not more, very different looks out of the shoot. I got ahold of Kamal earlier this week after a number of cancellations left me frustrated and annoyed. The best part of having friendships with models like Kamal, they won’t waste your time if you say you want to shoot something.
So, we decided it was long overdue to rock a new shoot immediately, and met up the next day.

Creating a portrait of Kamal isn’t exactly something I would say is easy… and that’s simply because he has so many different looks. So I knew this would really just be more of a fashion and themed shoot type of day. The image above was more the casual-feel shot.

We also found this old chair in the basement of the building we were in to use. It was a nice contrast of old/ugly to his clean/sharp attire. The serious pose and piercing stare at the camera worked great as well.

And of course we HAD to do a gang/hoodlum style image with a much more evil glare.

We also did some natural light headshots outdoors that afternoon. This one was actually really nice, except we moved shortly after because the background was a bit too distracting.

Playin around a bit before going inside to finish the character shots.

Also, earlier this week I edited a slightly older shot of good friend and singer Jesse Hart.
Jesse is getting ready to go on tour again in Brazil and will be leaving the country shortly. So, for those of you in Brazil… keep an eye out for his tour dates.

And another recent addition to my portrait series is David Saber, DC. I met David a couple years ago through an old friend. This was a peaceful shot that I really liked and wanted to add here. His eyes came out a bit turquoise through my editing… honestly I’m not sure exactly why since I didn’t alter their color.

I was recently contacted by RAWartists about showcasing some of my work at one of their upcoming events. Tonight I went to the Hollywood showcase they had.  I’m going to try and get more information on which upcoming show they’d like me to take part in. So, stay tuned everyone and I’ll be sharing information on when/where you can come see my photography there!

This weekend I have a few small shoots coming up including shooting friend Rick Thorne and the Good Guys in Black tomorrow night. They need new band photos for the Warped Tour this year.

I’ll catch you all soon with more images, and more updates on what’s to come!


Jackie Goldberg – The Pink Lady

It’s always interesting the people you can bump into in an afternoon out with friends here in Socal.
Today, while in Burbank, my friends and I met Jackie Goldberg. Jackie, I found out, goes by “The Pink Lady” – which makes sense for anyone who might happen to see her since she wears all pink.

Actually, the reason I noticed Jackie myself was due to her outfit and style. Pretty much everything she had on and was carrying was pink. She wasn’t just wearing it, she owned it. Down to her pink converse wedges. I commented to my friends – I need to meet her. I want to go talk to her, and take her picture. Comments like that usually go fairly unacknowledged by my friends mainly because hearing me say I want to photograph someone isn’t anything new or surprising.

Well, I was fortunate enough to catch Jackie right as she was leaving the cafe we were at. I was positive I had missed my chance after she walked out; but then she walked back in briefly, so I introduced myself.

It turns out that Jackie does all sorts of seminars and talks for seniors about how life isn’t over when you’re older. She’s also one of the stars in “Rockin’ with the Ages” – which is a musical where all the stars are over 60 years old!

Unfortunately since it was quick portrait I had to use available light. And it was late afternoon in Burbank AND it had been snowing and hailing the last hour or two (I know, crazy right? Snow in Socal?!). So I had to make due with higher ISOs and low apertures. I was still able to get  a pretty nice quick portrait.

Al took a quick snap of us chatting too.. For those who haven’t met me, I’m a giant compared to a lot of people.

For those interested in Jackie’s seminars, please check her website: The Pink Lady
And for those interested in “Rockin’ with the Ages” musical tickets, email Jackie at PinkLady7@earthlink.net

I apologize for no major update this week. Things have been a bit hectic and I had a number of cancelled shoots this week. I’ll have more for you all as next week starts off.

Tall, Dark, Beautiful. Shooting with Kassandra.

While most of you were watching the Superbowl I was spending the afternoon shooting with Kassandra. Some of you may recognize her from our shoot on the K&N 2011 Calendar (view it here if you need a refresher, she’s November).
Well, it had been a year since we last shot, and even though we’ve talked about putting something together again for a while, life always gets in the way. We finally found time this past weekend to catch up on life, and make some great images.

Kassandra, for those of you who haven’t met her, is stunning. Tall, long black hair, and amazing figure. How are you not going to create awesome images?
The original ideas we started playing with were similar to the portrait style images of Mike Bell that I shot a week ago (check the last blog post). Kassandra loved the darker grittier feel to those. We ended up spending a few hours together and doing about seven different style shots. The image above was created in the middle of our afternoon together. I love the contrast difference between the white and black. And it puts nearly all the focus right on her eyes.

I like the uncropped version, too. But I’m sure most of you noticed that I’m a big fan of landscape/wide shots with my images.

Here’s what we were originally going for… a darker image. In this case we have a black/black/black/black shot. What I mean is that she has black hair, a black boa, black shirt, on a black background. Unfortunately for most of you guys reading this, you aren’t on calibrated monitors. But, for those of you that are, you will see that there is actually differentiation between all four elements in this image. This is one of those photo-nerd moments where I’m going to point out that there is a level of light/exposure control to create this shot. So for those of you new-to-photo readers that I have, practice with this idea ; )

Portrait style shot.
Really dig the attitude mixed with her style on the red-drape background. The border was added effect.

Kassandra showed me some simple images like this that she wanted to create. Again, very clean, but with contrast between the black clothes and empty surroundings.

Also a casual version, with a sweater and shoes.
But check out her Converse that she made!

We went out to the roof to see what we could shoot out there. Neither of us were completely feelin this location with the chess board. But, I figured I’d throw some layers and textures in to make it more interesting. Did it work? I don’t know.

But I do like this version more. Maybe I’ll go in and remove the background completely…

Edit! I removed the background tonight. Looks much better I feel like.

I <3 LA

Last shot of the evening was on this awesome couch. The only tricky part was Kassandra’s incredibly long legs on what was actually a very short couch. I still think it came out great though.

Between all the different style shots, catching up on life, and laughing at what’s new, it was great to see an old friend and shoot again. I have a few more shoots this week that are in the works including portraits of Sean Logan (the BMXer) and two more model shoots. I think I’m going to be continuing the portrait series with various people I know down here in LA in different industries. Should be fun.

Check back in a few days for more shots. I’ll try and post another blog this weekend.

Mike Bell, a portrait session.

Mike Bell, a sound engineer from the Bay Area, has been rockin’ dreadlocks for nearly 10 years.
So when it comes to creating a really unique and equally awesome portrait, he fits the bill perfectly.

I’ve actually known Mike for a long time – and we’ve talked about shooting something in the past. I’m glad I waited until now to actually shoot since I’m much more skilled at this point than years ago when I first talked to him about it.

I wanted to create a gritty, darker, almost rough appearance in the shots. Something that would emphasize both his dreads and beard. And judging by the comments that people have already began making on my facebook albums, it looks like we accomplished just that.

This was the original concept. Clean. Simple.

Next we tried this shot. It was something Mike had seen in the past and wanted to try. Came out pretty cool actually.

I really like this side profile shot with his hair up. I felt like the treatment and border gave it a lot of added character, too.

The last thing we tried was a shot with a hooded sweater. This was TJ Lauters’ idea. He was on the set doing some behind the scenes photos and taking some video.
Here’s one of the behind the scenes images that TJ snapped while filming.

This was how I created the image up top…

TJ is currently working on a short video clip of the shoot. I’ll either be posting that here, or to my Facebook page (or both) as soon as it’s done.

Come back soon! I’m discussing three different shoots with three different models right now for this week.

New Sports Portraits, and some bikes.

This week’s post is going to be a mix of a few things. I’ve been without internet (part of our city was out for three days) and am just getting back into the swing of things before leaving for Michigan on business Wednesday morning.
One of the shoots I did last week was with a model, and friend, named Chris Franklin. I met Chris two years ago doing fashion shows in Hollywood. He’s part of a small group of people from that time frame that I keep in touch with. Most of all of us from that group have gone on and climbed further and further up within our various careers (ie: photography, modeling, make up artistry, etc).
Chris has recently wrapped various projects with Nike and Adidas – so we talked about putting together some more sports images that could help his portfolio with different looks and style.

“Highest production value, John…” is what Chris said when I asked what he was wanting this shoot to look like. I’ll be honest, this shoot was a lot of laughs and story telling catching up on the last year. I had a few ideas in mind of things I wanted to try with lighting. Some of the shots hit, some of them missed. The running image above is close to what I was going for, but, I will likely try and bring Chris out again to reshoot it… I’m not completely happy with it.

The hardest part of our day was finding empty athletic fields to use, or ones that had public access for that matter. Overall I’m very happy with the images that Chris and I came back with.
I am, however, about to expand my gear (again) and purchase a lot of new lighting equipment… So I’ll be doing a lot more athlete and sports themed photoshoots in the near future.

Below I’m going to share some of the other basketball images of Chris. Please feel free to comment on which of them you like.

Before I did this shoot with Chris, I did some test shooting… with Beau.

Beau is one of my best friends, and old roommate. He is currently a working actor out on the east coast, but returns here to California from time to time as he prepares to move back west.
While in town last week though, I made him stand in as my test subject for the lighting style I wanted to do with Chris. I was pretty happy with how it turned out for a first attempt. I may go in and re-edit slighly; they’re a bit too contrasty right now. We’ll see.

Beau even needed a quick, updated, headshot while he was here… which was definitely easy to do outside that afternoon.

Lastly, I went riding yesterday with my friends Crazy Mike and Lyla Dee. You guys will remember Mike and Lyla from their shoot on Venice beach at night in the sand and water.
Well, it’s been months since seeing these two so yesterday I met up went riding with them. This shot was taken, by me, one-handed while riding alongside Mike on a R1 myself, haha.

Shot this image the same way. This is done with my 5DII (not my 1D) and a 16-35mm. Yes, I do put my gear in harm’s way from time to time. But, I get some really cool photos that way… Risk is just part of the job.

Mike also wanted a burnout shot… That smell takes me right back to shooting Formula Drift! Hahaha.

That’s it for this update, hope you guys hung around and checked out everything.
Wednesday I’m leaving for Detroit where I will spend the rest of the week for the D’Orazio wedding. Mike and Christina are a really amazing couple. I had a great time with them last July when I shot their engagement photos during another trip to Michigan. Their wedding will definitely be a blast – and with over 300 guests I even hired my friend (and photographer) Casey Shortt to assist me with all the madness.

Following the D’Orazio wedding I will be heading to Portland to attend my friend Theresa’s wedding in Vancouver. I may even be able to do some shooting while up there. We’ll see what happens.

Check back around the beginning of next week though! I’ll try and have a few previews up from the wedding! And I’ll definitely have some shots from the new 85mm f/1.2 lens I ordered!!

Trips back to the Bay Area are never dull.

I’m not even sure I can find the words to describe the hilarity of Jared’s mustache.
First, I haven’t seen this guy in at least two years. And then he comes walkin’ in with this Mario Brother’s ‘stache and shaggy, curly hair. I think the conversation went like this: “Dude, you got to let me take you picture” “Ok.” “No, really. Can I?” “Sure.” “Ok, cuz I have my light kit in my car… I’m gonna go get it…”

Anyway, Jared was a great sport and we took a bunch of shots playing with lighting a bit to try and get the effect that I wanted. I’m thinking that this is pretty close to what will become the final version. However, I’m positive the Gamma on my monitor is off… so this version might be overly contrasty to you all.
We’ll see…

But, this is the main reason that I returned home:

TJ’s surprise Bachelor party weekend!
Amazingly, he had no idea. Which worked out pretty considering that I came up from Los Angeles specifically for this event. It was great though, and we were all glad that TJ was surprised.
In this shot is me, TJ, and our friend Evan. We’ve all known each other since Jr. High. I’ve actually known TJ since 6th grade… which is crazy when I think that we met 15 years ago… and now he’s gettin’ married in a month.

The man with the plan was long time friend, and incredible drummer, Justin Imamura. I’ve known Justin for 8 years now. We met back when we worked in theme parks in the Bay Area. Check Justin out in Street Drum Corp: BANG, and the band PNDRS. Plus, we’re both Eagle Scouts… which makes him that much cooler, haha.

I’m not going to bother everyone with the shots from that evening, but rather share this last one of everyone before we split the next morning after breakfast. Overall I had a really great weekend with all the guys. It’s definitely hard to be so far from certain friends. However, I see them when I can and spend the rest of my time incredibly busy with my sports photography, fashion work, and weddings. My photography is my life, but my friends and family make up who I am where I’ve come from.

I also was lucky enough to see Liz, Steph, Linn, Chantel, the Bay Area S2ki guys, and Jill briefly before I left town. Thanks for making time everyone. I don’t know (other than the wedding) when I’ll be back in the area just to visit. The way that my shooting schedule and bookings are looking… it won’t be for a while.

In the meantime I’ll be rockin’ in Socal.
Hit me up people… I don’t have time for much, however I can always do lunch and dinners.

And, on a professional note: I have some really incredible shoots lined up. I’m doing one tomorrow morning with my gorgeous friend Jenny, and will be doing another one either this weekend or early next week with a few other models. Big news coming… just can’t share it quite yet..

Another incredible off-road race, wrapped!

Last night wrapped the final day of the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series, Lake Elsinore, event. As many of you have already read, I spent three days out there again this month covering the races. The main difference this time around, compared to last month, was that these races were held at night. And, for only one heat… we had some incredible light!

The day, overall, was slow paced for me. I spent most of it tracking down certain drivers and trying to set up some portraits for my side project I was doing during this particular weekend. Unfortunately I was only able to shoot an additional three drivers – but, that’s better than not being able to shoot any. More on that later though…

It’s really unfortunate that more of the racing couldn’t have this kind of light! How amazing would it be to have a series of race images with this kind of color? Granted, I would have needed some Alien Bees and my Pocket Wizards to REALLY play it up and take advantage of the light… but either way, I wish sunset lasted longer than one race, haha.

And check out this shot of Robby Melton… I wish I was this much of a badass at his age. Seriously. How much fun would this have been in Elementary school? I had to settle for the little go karts at the mini golf place. I feel slightly cheated out of race-driver-in-training childhood.

Now I mentioned above that I was able to do a bit more on my portraits project that I previewed in my last post. Sunday evening I had the pleasure of meeting, and photographing, Carey Hart. Here’s a guy who was not only a really chill person, but also a man of his word – which can be very rare in this industry. Carey agreed to a shoot at dusk, which as it turned out, was perfect for my lighting. And even as busy as Carey was, he still made time to meet with me – which is hugely appreciate.
Check out this portrait below..

Let me know what you think in either a comment, or shoot me an email. I would love feedback on this series of portraits I’m working on.

Night fell pretty quick, and that’s when things started to get really serious… Trophy Kart was done, UTV was done, and Buggy had long since been over… It was time for the trucks.
Lighting, was harsh… I’m not going to lie. But, I love a challenge, and even if I don’t come back with a ton of images, I can usually create something cool.

Above is Rodrigo Ampudia driving the Papa’s & Beer truck, being chased by the KMC truck – which is quite obviously rocket-powered.

Rodrigo was one of my favorite drivers to photograph all weekend. He was realllly pushing his trucks to the limits – sometimes a bit too far actually. And again, the fun part about night shots is capturing the flames that shoot out of the exhaust. I would have loved to do some dusk drag-racing shots when I was in Nevada a few months ago, but the weather didn’t permit it.

This shot of Carl Renezeter is among my favorites from that night too. This shot is pretty much straight out of camera. Let’s hear it for the 1D Mark III, L glass and some serious hand-held panning skills huh? To be fair, panning at 1/100 of a second is not difficult at all. This was shot at 1/100, f/2.8, ISO800 at 80mm with my 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM and 1D Mark III with available light from the track floods – no additional speedlites/etc used.

Another example I wanted to share. Number 99, Robby Woods – a really cool guy who actually wrenches on his own truck. I don’t care who you are, it’s impressive to walk into a pit and see the driver hunched over his rig making repairs on his own.
The above image hasn’t been altered in any way. No color correction or toning – nothing at all.
It’s shot, completely handheld, at 1/60 of a second, f/3.5, ISO800 at 70mm with my 1D Mark III and 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens.
I really wanted to share with everyone what my images look like, uncropped, straight from camera.

Here’s another quick shot of KMC’s rocket truck! Haha, seriously though… there were quite a few trucks spittin’ flames last night. KMC and Papa’s & Beer just happened to be in front of my lens most of those times.

I thought this might be a nice image to end on.
It feels a bit serene… Like it’s all quiet on the track and this lone truck is out there by himself in the moonlight. Of course that’s not actually the case, but it’s fun to make up little stories in your head, right?

Overall, I’m thrilled with the images I came back with this weekend. I shot quite a bit less than previous races – but, I was aiming for more variety and trying some new things. Some of those new things worked, and some didn’t. I have more ideas for what I’d like to try in the future and will hopefully get some opportunities to do other shoots with various drivers or teams directly in the future for other projects.

In the mean time however I have quite a few photos to edit still and some major updates to my portfolio to do at some point. But I’m also still editing previous wedding shoots from this month.

I’m still busy as hell, and will continue on like that the next six weeks.

But when you’re doing something you love, it’s hard to call it work.
I haven’t had a day off in a month – but I barely notice.

Good night everyone!