Long Beach Grand Prix w/ Falken Tire

Rain. Lots of it. And honestly, I wish it lasted all weekend.
Don’t get me wrong – shooting in the rain can be a pain in the ass. We had FOUR cameras go down among our team this past weekend. BUT THINK OF THE PHOTOS!! Personally I would have been ok with rain all weekend and would have suffered through it for the sake of incredible photo opportunities. But (un)fortunately the sun came out on race day and it was a typical SoCal race event. Oh well. Haha!

Last weekend was the second race of the 2012 American Le Mans season – and this time we were in Long Beach, California. I was brought back on board again with Falken Tire for Round 2 of the series – and I was thrilled to be there. They’re an amazing team, and the second time shooting anyone is always easier because it’s more of a “oh, it’s John” reaction to me walking around and not “who’s that guy… should he be here?” Haha!

And I know I promised you readers photos of the Budweiser girls in my last blog. And I know I haven’t posted a new blog since Sebring and the ALMS event there. I’m sorry. But I AM shooting seven more of the Bud girls tomorrow – til then you can see lots of their photos of my Facebook Fan page here.

But anyway, back to that bad weather I was talking about…

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Long Beach Grand Prix

I just spent four days shooting the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix… it rocked.

I’m not going to lie… it was damn hot, fairly crowded at times, loud of course, somewhat disorganized, and at times it was even boring… But it was a lot of fun overall.
I was there to cover various race teams and some drivers that we sponsor, and as it was my first time out to the Grand Prix I tried to meet some photographers that have shot there to give me a few pointers about what to and not to do.
Actually, I even bumped into one of my favorite photographers there, Dustin Snipes, who does incredible work with lighting and sport portraiture. Check him out at

I’m currently uploading nine different images to my portfolio. I’m going to continue to go through the rest and possibly swap out some images in the week ahead.

And check out this shot… come on, that’s fun, right? Haha, I think I just like the reflection of the fire in the wing…

I also have the AMA Motocross races coming up this weekend to shoot. So, I’ll be busy for another couple weeks. I’m hoping that next month I’ll be able to start back on my fashion projects. I had a number of things lined up before all the race seasons kicked off.
Although it is pretty amazing to be too busy right now… not many people can say that.

So, go check out the Racing section of my portfolio.

And check back this weekend for Motocross…

King of the Hammers Friday, Jesse Hart on Sunday

Tomorrow is the King of the Hammers rock crawling and desert racing event here in Socal.
Which, I’m covering for my company since we have a number of sponsored drivers in the event. Should be a lot of fun and I’m sure there will be a lot of great images at the event..

Stay tuned.

Also, Sunday I’ll be shooting Singer Jesse Hart in Hollywood for a fashion shoot. We had originally planned on shooting a week ago but had to push it out due to weather. This will actually be the first time doing fashion in a few weeks – so it should be a lot of fun.

Lastly, I need a few models for some shoots and also re-shoots I’m doing. Please email me if you’re interested.

A Rainy Track Day

I was told by one of my professors that take great photographs, but I needed to develop a style that carries through my portfolio.
I believe that I’ve been developing that style over the last 6 months – more than I did before.

Today I was up in Buttonwillow at the raceway for another track event. Thirty or so drivers turned out for a blustery, rainy track day. There was plenty of sliding all over the track, too.

So, rather than take a bunch of standard “panning with a bit of motion-blur-background” shots, I decided to what I do… find interesting lighting and color, and approach the shots a different way. This is one of many different images I had. It’s funny that I had this type of lighting and clouds for a track day; I’ve been wanting this type of light for a fashion shoot for weeks.

More to come later. But right now, it’s nearly 3am.