Shooting with Sammy Hagar – The Red Rocker

My day shooting Sammy Hagar.

So it was a phone call somewhat out of the blue. A good friend of mine, and fellow photographer, down in LA reached out to me on a Wednesday to see if I would be around that weekend. I was momentarily caught off guard because he knows I no longer live in Southern California. But it turned out he was asking if I would be in the San Francisco Bay Area and available that weekend.
He said he might have a lead for me on a project he knew I would dig.

And after a few various emails that afternoon, and confirmation the following day, I was booked to shoot Sammy Hagar for AXS TV and Mercury Insurance!


Growing up I had listened to Van Halen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and all those classic rock groups with my dad. So I knew of Sammy and his music.

This would be awesome.
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King of the Hammers Friday, Jesse Hart on Sunday

Tomorrow is the King of the Hammers rock crawling and desert racing event here in Socal.
Which, I’m covering for my company since we have a number of sponsored drivers in the event. Should be a lot of fun and I’m sure there will be a lot of great images at the event..

Stay tuned.

Also, Sunday I’ll be shooting Singer Jesse Hart in Hollywood for a fashion shoot. We had originally planned on shooting a week ago but had to push it out due to weather. This will actually be the first time doing fashion in a few weeks – so it should be a lot of fun.

Lastly, I need a few models for some shoots and also re-shoots I’m doing. Please email me if you’re interested.

Good Guys rock the Rox

Good Guys in Black rock On The Rox.

The Good Guys in Black brought the noise to On The Rox Saturday night, and I was there to get some shooting in. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dull moment with Rick and Alan, now playing with new members Matt and Ivan. They also premiered a new – which should be up on their MySpace music page at some point I would imagine.

Check out: //  Good Guys in Black on Myspace

Good Guys in Black @ The Chronic Cantina

The Good Guys in Black fuckin’ ROCKED the Chronic Cantina today.

I cruised down to Costa Mesa to chill with the guys at Chronic, enjoy the music and bands, and hell… there was even a fashion show.
The other bands were a bit more mellow… a bit more Sublime… Rick took the mic and they didn’t even get a minute into their first song before there was some sort of power failure at the sound board – how’s that for rockin’ hard?

I shot some 900 images today; a good majority of my shots were of the models since I was asked by each designer to take some shots for them.
Alright, alright… here’s a shot of some of the models during one of the fashion sets:

If people want, I’ll upload more later.

Anyway, today rocked, I made some great contacts, I shot some great photos, and I heard some great music.

Killer way to end the weekend – then again, as Justin pointed out this morning to me… everyday is Saturday for me.

Good Guys in Black

Tonight I did a bit of photography for my friends, the Good Guys in Black. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys when I shot Warped Tour this summer in San Francisco. Their drummer, Justin, is an old friend of mine and it’s through him that I met Rick and Alan.
This is a shot you’ll be able to see in print the Bay Area in the next week for promo purposes for Rick and his band. I have a number of other great shots that I’m going to have to edit tomorrow… since it’s now 2a and I’m heading to sleep.

However, please check out the Good Guys in Black on their MySpace Music profile.