Barnes Wedding – A Beautiful Ceremony In Triple-Digit Temperatures


Who would have guessed that the Saturday of Vu and Thanh’s wedding would turn out being one of the hottest weekends of the year?
And at 107 degrees out at the hottest point in the afternoon it tops any other wedding I’ve shot for high temperatures… haha!

But regardless of the weather the entire weekend with their families was a blast! I’ve known Vu for several years – he’s one of my good friends from the Bay Area S2ki crew. And even though I can’t hang during conversations about suspension and engine stuff when the guys all get together, I certainly can take part in the photo-related talk that goes on since Vu and several other guys are photo hobbyists themselves.
To be perfectly honest, when Vu first contacted me about possibly booking me the weekend of June 8th I assumed it was for a track day with the car guys and they were hoping I would be available to shoot for everyone (something I’ve done in the past).

Turns out that Vu and Thanh decided to get married and were quietly planning a wedding ceremony that almost no one was aware of! Woo hoo! Secret wedding! Haha, well, sort of… Everyone found out fairly quickly once plans were solidified.

As the weekend approached I was getting excited to head up to the Bay Area for the wedding since I knew it would not only be a great time with an awesome couple, but that there would be quite a few old faces there that I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

So, on to the photos! There are a ton of them. I decided to just do a massive, massive post with around 275 shots from the weekend. Click past the break, and read on if you have the time to kill

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Michelle and Eric’s Yosemite Wedding

“We live near the beach… and we can go any time. So we decided to get married somewhere different.”

Michelle explained to me that both her and Eric had put a lot of thought into location ideas for their wedding. And that after considering several typical locations/settings they ended up deciding on Yosemite for their ceremony. Rather than do a rushed ceremony in the main valley, the Boyko’s selected Evergreen Lodge for a much more relaxed and intimate weekend with their closest friends and family.
I had met Eric and Michelle a year ago, through the car community which both Eric and I are active in. I remember during that evening that Michelle stood and talked to me for quite a while about wedding photography and some of the various traveling I had done with my work. And as things turned out, I ended up being asked to shoot for them later on in their finalization of their wedding plans!

The weekend at Evergreen was awesome. Eric and Michelle kept their wedding very small – only their oldest and closest friends and family members were in attendance. And Evergreen keeps their weddings to a one-per-weekend setup. This is incredibly rare and also quite amazing because it allows the Lodge to be available and tend to their wedding party’s needs throughout those couple days. Michelle said that was actually a major factor in their decision – that it avoided the assembly-line feel of getting married in a location with two weddings per day or more.

So Eric and Michelle were married in a meadow. It was beautiful, and the weather that day was perfect. Actually, the weather the whole weekend was pretty amazing. Everyone arrived on Friday afternoon and checked in. After a short rehearsal and walk-through of the ceremony we all joined the rest of the wedding guests for a barbeque at the John Muir House. The lodge-chef had prepared some pretty awesome food options, and had previously told Michelle that he believes if you serve amazing food at your facility that guests will remember that and come back again.
That night there were drinks to be had, smores to be made, and plenty of stories shared around the campfire after “the adults” had all gone back to their cabins, hahaha!

The wedding day started slowly as many guests tried to figure out where they would go hiking that morning. As usual, I tagged along with Michelle and chatted with her and her family members getting to know everyone a bit better throughout the early afternoon. As the ceremony time approached, I headed over to meet up with the guys and get a few shots of them as well. As I arrived at the Muir House where everyone was staying, I found most of them scrambling a bit to finish getting ready. It seemed as though they misjudged just how long the hiking would take! Uh-oh!

But the ceremony started without issue, went beautifully, and the reception was a blast. I’ll save most of what I have to say for the captions on the images below. I had a great time though, and was thrilled to be part of the Boyko wedding so unexpectedly.

Click past the break for 130 images from my weekend with the Boyko and Cronin families

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Young Wedding – Half Moon Bay, CA

At Andrew and Calli’s wedding last weekend, everyone joked “It’s about time!”, and even I recall Andrew asking me nearly two years ago about shooting his wedding in the future.
Long time coming or not, the weekend turned out beautiful. And everyone that was there had a great time. Andrew’s nervousness slowly left him – but turned into strong emotion and happiness. Where as Calli became more and more nervous as the ceremony approached – giggling and laughing in nervous excitement at being a little scared that things may not go perfectly.

I had a wonderful time being part of such an important day for these two. I know Andrew through a car group that I’m a part of… or should I say was a part of when I was living in the Bay Area. Andrew, too, was once part of that group. He now lives in Texas with Calli, but they returned to California for their wedding.

It was supposed to rain that weekend. However, as you can see, it turned out to be clear and sunny. It was windy, sure, but still a gorgeous day.

The entire day was full of laughter and jokes. Andrew is a huge dork… I’ll just say it. Calli is also making jokes and constantly making faces in all her photos. So I knew going into this that it was going to be one really interesting weekend. And while the image above may be romantic, scenic, or whatever “nice” word you want to use… there are others below that are much more “real” and true to their personalities. haha!

I’ll keep this short as I’ll be adding captions to many of the shots to help tell the story of their wedding weekend.

Read on after the break…

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Ok, so technically it’s 4am on the 16th… but whatever, who’s really counting? Valentine’s Day, or Single’s Awareness Day for most, was fairly low key for me. I spent most of it with friends, running around, catching up on photography stuff that I felt needed attention.
Later that evening I ended up heading to Back Alley to see the band Dirty Black Summer perform. Ironically, I ended up running into a number of friends there. Kassandra, who I’m working with on a pinup shoot (see previous blogs), knows the band – who I know through a friend… how’s that for three degrees of separation? I was then introduced to Lauren – who I also already knew from working together at Green Door for the Blive Couture/SUBRAGE Fashion Show back in November.
Small world…

Today, Monday, was a cruise and lunch with some of the Topdown crew…
Well, those of us who managed to wake up before noon. A brief cruise though the hills, and then up Highway 1 to Harbor House… pretty much everything that we ordered was amazing. If it wasn’t so filling I think a lot of us would have ordered second dishes of something, too.

Didn’t take nearly as many photos as I thought I would I rode with Ninj in his car so I could shoot instead of focusing on driving. I have some decent stuff… but nothing like I hoped to get. Here’s a quick example of the shots I was getting…

Fred and his girl B’.

Coming up this week I have meeting with a major parts supplier for some small projects.
Also, I’m going to be shooting with Jesse Hart on Tuesday in Hollywood… so if any of you in or around LA want to do something that night, hit me up!

Night all… 4:30am is getting pretty late…

S2000 Challenge Series kickoff, and an album cover..

As I write this short update, I have been awake 22 hours… on a measly 3.5hrs of sleep…

Today was the kickoff event for the 2009 Speed Ventures S2000 Challenge Series – which a few of my friends are competing in. Now, the car above in a Civic SI, sure, but, it’s from today at Buttonwillow Raceway.

I spent the morning, in the cold, extremely foggy, weather at Buttonwillow waiting for the sun to break through so we could start the day’s events. Honestly, it was not a good day to be driving… and I’m glad I wasn’t. Many drivers ended up in the mud, doing various levels of damage to their cars… everything from broken axels, to cracked bumpers and screwed up alignments. Unfortunately, one Evo driver even totaled his car when he lost control and slammed into the wall.

Overall, photographically, I was quite pleased with my images. The above shot is among my favorites that I’ve seen so far. I’ll be sorting the rest, getting discs out to clients in the next few days, and updating my portfolio.

Also, last week I shot some album art…

This is an image of what the cd cover for Derek Jameson’s new album “Space and Time” will possibly look like.

I photographed Derek last week here in Los Angeles after he got in touch with me to help him freshen up his photos with new shots. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Derek for many years and watched his music grow and change during that time. I’ve always enjoyed his lyrics and felt I could connect with many of the songs. His music is available both on MySpace and iTunes.
I’ll update you all when his new album is released with the new artwork.

Well, it’s now 2am… I’ve been up and moving since 4am… which means it’s time for me to call it a (very successful) day.

Good night world.

50th post, and a few updates ;)

This is my 50th blog entry since going live – with this version – back in August. So fifty entries in approximately three months is pretty good. Hopefully I have kept you, the readers, entertained and impressed with my work.

Tonight I share with you another image from the track yesterday. I was having fun with the dusk lighting, slower shutter speeds, and panning toward the end of the day. Throw in the headlights that people started using and it made for interesting photos. I will admit, I would love this photo more if there was no cloud cover and I had a gorgeous pink and blue sunset behind it… but, I can’t be too picky, can I?

I spent all day sorting 3,200 photos from yesterday – and burning DVDs for everyone who ordered discs from me. If you drove an S2000 yesterday, this Lotus, the black 300Z, or the white RX7… I have photo discs available for a small cost if interested.

Kat said look tough… Alex just looks drunk, haha… good times though..

Click the photo above, or here for the gallery from BC’s After Black Friday Birthday party at Shark Club in Costa Mesa. I was pretty tired after spending the whole day at the track… but I still made it out to celebrate for a bit with everyone. Call/Email me if you want any of the photos.

Post-Turkey Racing…

Today I spent most of the day at the track in Buttonwillow doing some Autocross photography for the Bay Area S2ki crew – the car club I’m a part of.
I had a great time with old friends, hanging out, catching up on life, and shooting some photos. I’m beat though… nearly 400 miles of driving for me today… and over 3,000 images shot.
I have a lot of editing to do tomorrow.

Good night all