Crazy Mike and Lyla Dee

Happy New Year to everyone!
Today I want to share more images from my photoshoot with Crazy Mike of and Lyla Dee, a singer and model here in LA.

When collaborating with Crazy Mike on ideas for this shoot we discussed a few different concepts. I hadn’t spoke with Lyla prior to shooting, so Mike and I just went in knowing that it would work and we’d rock the shoot regardless of a few hurdles.

Now when it came to start, things definitely got hotter.
This entire shoot had a very gritty, rough, edgy and sexy feel. I really wanted this come through in the images with use of very moody and (at times) very harsh light. Both Mike and Lyla were incredible models to work with and I look forward to shooting with either of them again in the future.

For now, I’ll let you guys enjoy the images and see what you think.
Most of these images will be in my portfolio later today, also.

I have a busy rest of January ahead of me. I’m leaving in a week for Michigan, and then to the Bay Area for weddings. Check back soon as I’ll probably squeeze in another model shoot, too.

Lyla has been one of my favorite models I’ve worked with so far. Her amazing attitude and stunning look made for incredible photos. This is probably one of my favorite beach photos in the last six months.

I’m really looking forward to putting together more shoots with Crazy Mike this year.

Crazy Mike, from “We Play Crazy”

Sometimes a completely different style photoshoot demands a different style of editing. This is sexy, gritty, dark, and has attitude. I needed the final image to reflect that and went with a rougher post production than I typically would take with my work. But, I needed a billboard worthy image. Hell, I could easily be selling you cologne with this photo… and you’d buy it, too.

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with with Crazy Mike of We Play Crazy. Mike and his team are currently out here from the East Coast filming with MTV. Saturday we hit the beach with model Lyla Dee and did a night shoot in Venice on the sand and in the water. I have to say, the photos came out pretty damn hot. I’m still working on the other pieces for Mike, but they’ll be posted up here soon, too.

This image will make an awesome poster – I’m going to probably print one tomorrow on my new Epson medium format I just picked up.
Mike and I did a few series of these backflip shots while waiting for Lyla to meet us at the beach.

Now today, Sunday, I ended up chillin’ with Mike and his crew again… but this time we did something I have quite a bit of experience with… extreme sports.

That’s Sean Logan doing a backflip-360 about two feet away from me. Crazy Mike down below gettin’ some footage for their new reel.

Eric Hough was hitting quite a few jumps and tricks too. His face is a bit blocked in this shot, but it’s always great to have a clean, simple image that you don’t see every day.

One last image of Sean as he’s doing his backflips. Hopefully I’ll be working with these guys again in the near future. I would love to start mixing their skill with mine and take stunts like these and mix in what I do with color and light and create some really incredible stuff.

So, I have quite a bit of editing ahead of me this week. I leave for the Bay Area on Wednesday – so for everyone back in the Bay… text me. Let’s meet up. I’d love to see all of you while I’m back in town for Christmas.

Introducing Ms. Megan Black

This evening I had the pleasure of creating some really sexy images with the stunning Megan Black.
Megan and I met last week while working for a client on a private project- and in a couple days put together another shoot just for fun.

Yesterday I went down to Laguna Beach to check out some various coves and areas that I had been wanting to scout for possible location shoots. Well, the extremely dense fog made me concerned that there wouldn’t be decent visibility for my shoot with Megan tonight.
While it wasn’t clear enough for a sunset, we still were able to make some great images that were just plain hot.

This shot is nearly completely black.. It was part of a series of images we took while walking off the beach tonight. There was a little cove we passed and we decided to try a couple more. Many of these images ended up being Megan’s favorites.

Anyway, I promised you guys an update with some great new work – I hope this meets those expectations!

I have a busy week ahead, four more shoots and an entire wedding weekend!

Check back for a mid-week update with more images of Megan, too.

Good night everyone!

More Marsha…

Wanted to share this new image of Marsha with everyone.
Spent last night catching up on some past shoots. I edited an entire fashion show that I photographed for Studio C Salon, and then caught up on some images from Marsha’s shoot and Laura’s shoot (see last post).

Keeping this blog post brief!
Just thought a hot image might brighten everyone’s afternoon.


Les Deux Fashion shoot

Last night I did a fashion shoot in Hollywood at Les Deux.
I actually had four models to work with, clothing and fashion accessories were by Michael Benz, as well makeup by Lauren Favorule, and hair by Tiara Lewis. A big thank you to Johnny at Les Deux for opening up this venue to us for this shoot.

Below is a selection of some of my favorites from this series. I’ll have to add more tomorrow, I’ll also be updating my fashion portfolio with various images too.

I really dig the lighting here..

One of my better focus-on-the-gear shots. I’m used to shooting people, and not the clothing, haha.

This just seemed pretty epic to me. I love Brand’s attitude in this image.

And why not end on something sexy, right?

Check back later for more updates.

//new photos, added Friday. Enjoy

Justin and Jaci

Last night’s shoot was so much fun! Hell yes.

I had to chance to shoot with Justin Sandler, a model I met through Model Mayhem. A bit of back story to Justin… I actually first saw a picture of Justin on another photographer’s profile, in his portfolio. It was really edgy, really sexy image of Justin in jeans pushing a girl in fishnets and a skirt up against a fence – fuckin’ hot.
Well, I LOVED that shot (most people who see it do) and actually was going to emulate the idea with my ex-girlfriend. Well, that’s not going to happen now, but no worries because I’ll be shooting something very similar next week.
Anyway, Justin and I happened to connect through MM a few weeks back and had been trying to set something up since then. Plans changed when we threw Jaci into the mix, but the shoot went really well. We all had a great time shooting around and making photos happen.

Here’s the first image I saw of Justin that I loved:

More images from this shoot will be in my online portfolio tonight or possibly tomorrow (Sunday).