BMX, with Sean Logan

I wanted to share more images of BMXer Sean Logan with you guys as promised.
As I talked about in my last blog update, I spent part of last weekend at the jumps with Sean Logan and Eric Hough. It was great to have a couple hours to just work on getting some great images that not only looked good, but were also accurate trick shots timed correctly on both Sean and my part as the photographer.

Unfortunately I don’t know the names of the tricks that Sean throws, there are a lot of names to remember and between all the shooting we did I simply lost track.

This was earlier in the afternoon. On bright, hotter days these jumps have much more of a harsh yellowed desert look. But we had some great clouds to work with this past weekend.

The only bad thing about these jumps is that they’re surrounded by power lines – which I try and remove from some shots.

This is shot from the handlebars with a fisheye lens. I’m thinking a mounted shot in a jump like this could potentially be pretty awesome. But Sean said he tried it and it didn’t work well. Bummer.

Toward the end of the day we moved locations slightly to take advantage of this tree at sunset.
All the shots we did here came out great.

This was one I shared in my last post, but I’m sharing again..

Coming up will hopefully be more images of BMXer’s Eric Hough and Cody McKenna. I’m just waiting on them to sort through the images I took so they can tell me which are the best shots (in the BMX world) – because they look for things in their technique that I don’t notice.

So check back soon!
I’ll also have photos and video from my motorcycle shoot to share with everyone.

So much amazing news! And some BMX! LOL!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, nearly three weeks! I’ve been swamped with travel and also my little sister’s wedding!!
But I have some other really amazing news to share with everyone – even though most of you know. My images from Eryn Holl’s wedding were featured on both and’s homepages! How incredible.

Eryn’s father Steve Holl’s fight with brain cancer and the experimental treatment that has helped prolong his life has made headlines and grabbed national attention. His story has been shared all over the U.S. and also has been broadcast during the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon on national television. My photos from the wedding were shown on TV, and the image above has been used on tons of different websites.

It’s really incredible the reach that their story has had.

Also, before leaving town a few weeks ago for my sister’s wedding I met up with BMX stunt riders Sean Logan and Eric Hough.
Above is Sean getting some serious air at the jumps here in Burbank.

It was great to catch up with these guys again. I was shocked how long it had been since I last photographed them.

I don’t know the exact names of all the tricks Sean was throwin out, but he’s really impressive to watch in person.
We spent a lot of time BS’ing and talking. It was also incredibly hot that afternoon so Sean and Eric were takin it a bit easier than normal.

Unfortunately the jumps were overgrown with a lot of shrubs. So it made most all of the camera angles terrible. And it really detracts from just how high in the air Sean is. That bush, is about seven feet tall in front of me that I’m trying to shoot over.

Eric was throwing some pretty hard tricks, too.
And again, the bushes really take away from just how high he’s getting on these jumps.

Sean, left, and Eric, top, takin a break. It was still in the 80s when we were finishing shooting at 6pm.
Crazy weather that day, and these guys were probably burning up I would guess. Hell, I was sweatin’ a ton myself and I was just wearing some cargo shorts while standing there cooking in the sun.

About to call it a day and head out..

I have so many more shots I’d love to share with everyone from family shoots I did recently, too. I also have a bunch of photos from my little sister’s wedding a week ago. But, I’m going to have to save those and do a much longer blog about it┬áseparately. And expect another post soon about last week’s rooftop shoot that I did with eight models, two make up artists, and two hair stylists. I have a ton of great images from that.

Check back soon! I’ll be doing more frequent updates again since I’m back from traveling.

Kickin’ it with Sean Logan

One thing that I love about being a photographer is that I meet some truly amazing people – more often than not, they’re also extremely talented.

I met Sean last month while shooting with Crazy Mike. Sean’s a pro BMXer, stunt rider, etc. Last time we shot I was actually there with a few other photographers/videographers while Sean was filming another project. However yesterday was simply another day at the jumps that Sean called me up and invited me to.

I’m actually pretty happy with most of the images. A huge cloud cover blew in on my drive to the jumps – which killed the lighting and made things pretty bland until sunset. But after sundown things became pretty colorful… for about twenty minutes, haha!

Also jumping that day was Eric Hough. Eric’s great, he always throws tricks really hard to play for my camera – and I always down for that.

Shooting with these guys is fun, they’re really chill and fun to BS with during the shoot. I look forward to working with them more and putting together some more shoots and really mix things up.
As bummed as I was by not having a bright sunny afternoon to shoot, I’m very happy with how the dusk/night images turned out since I’ve been wanting shots like this for my portfolio for quite a while.

This week ahead of me is going to be pretty busy. I’ll be back up in LA/Hollywood tomorrow, shooting with my good friend David Esquire on Tuesday, and then flying out to Michigan on Thursday to shoot Tara and Matt’s wedding this weekend!
I need to put together some more projects for February since I’m pretty booked up the rest of this month. I have some new ideas that I’m working on…

Here’s a few more shots from yesterday for you to enjoy..
Check back later this week for another update; and definitely look for an update this weekend, too!

Eric, in the middle of throwing a full 360.


Sean threw a backflip unexpectedly… I was bummed only because I hadn’t framed my shot to include the jump… so I lost quite a bit of effect by him simply floating mid air… next time though… next time..