When an old friend like Eryn asks me to shoot her wedding day, it’s definitely something special. Even more was that when she was in the planning phase she double checked my schedule first to make sure she selected a weekend that I was available. How flattering!

Being able to be a part of Eryn and Ryan’s wedding was wonderful. Eryn and I go back a long time – back to days when we worked together (she’ll be the first to point out that she was my manager, too) and had silly jokes like calling each other ‘Jim’ instead of our given names. We both still answer to that with one another though.

The Kings were married at  Santa Catalina Chapel, which is part of the Santa Catalina boarding school. Eryn spent part of her school career there, and various women in her family were alumni themselves. So not only was the location beautiful, but also meaningful to the bride.

Ryan had this pose down. Seriously. It took very little direction on my part to get this image, and Ryan has the “Why yes, I DID just step out of a tuxedo magazine” pose goin on like it’s his job.
Ryan is one of those grooms who had complete and total faith in his wife’s decision on the photographer. I’m glad I had the chance to meet him over dinner prior to the wedding, however his personality is one that seems to click with everyone that talks to him. And it was heart warming to be able to watch and see how much Eryn loves him.

Eryn and I made sure to have some fun and take plenty of shots. There were so many areas around the venue to shoot, but Eryn knew exactly where she wanted images made. The rest was mostly left up to me. Given the style and age of the school I felt a bit of aging was needed for this portrait.

I have over 150 additional images after the break that I want to share with you. I know, it’s a lot, but like I said Eryn and I go back pretty far. And since she was always so excited to see new images from other couples weddings that I photograph, I want to make sure I upload plenty from hers!

In two weeks, my little sister is getting married, and Eryn was teasing me this morning about how it’s a shame that I can’t tag along to Hawaii and be around to photograph all the activities they do. How cruel is that?! Haha, I love Hawaii! I personally think Eryn and Ryan should just reschedule their honeymoon til the week after when I’m free… don’t you? Haha!

Enjoy the photos, leave any thoughts in the comments section.
Check back soon, too! I’ll be up in the Bay Area by the end of the week and will hopefully have some time to do some new shoots.

view the photos after the break

Santa Catalina School

The Chapel
It was gorgeous weather the day of the rehearsal

Bishop Sylvestor Ryan and Ryan waiting to start the rehearsal

Mr. Holl gave a really sweet speech to Eryn and Ryan at dinner that night. Eryn was almost bawling.

As we were leaving I took a look back at the restaurant, a little creepy looking actually.

The next morning at the salon. Amy (left) couldn’t sleep at all the night before and was definitely feelin’ terrible. Tia was good though, just chillin.

Tia and Eryn tellin stories and laughing.
I used to work with both these girls. We had so much fun. Tia and Eryn are still great friends, I pretty much just see them when my schedule brings me back into town.

After hair and makeup we all went for brunch.
From left: Bridesmaid Tia, Matron of Honor Erin, and Bride Eryn

Eryn’s wedding dress

I really liked the simplicity of the design.
Simple and elegant.

Eryn allowed only her mother to assist with getting ready.
Definitely a sweet Mother-Daughter memory to share.

You can’t tell from this angle, but Mrs. Holl was actually using a crocheting needle to help button the back of the dress.

I joked with Eryn that she sexied up this shot with kind of a “BAM! Leg!” pose… she pointed out she just didn’t want her mom to accidently get makeup on her dress. “But I’ll take sexy!” she said.

“So what kind of pose you want John? Sultry?”
That’s exactly what Eryn said, followed by this pose, then laughter right after that.

This was a total test image.
Shooting at f/1.2  is a bit tricky to focus exactly where you want. Eryn loved it though since she really liked her flower, and I just happened to get a shot of it.

This is the shot I wanted.
Just a very nice, peaceful bridal portrait.

Eryn kept standing at the window, chatting away with her mom… So I kept shooting.

I was able to play around and get a few more great images.

Eryn and her father in the limo.

It meant so much for her father to be part of her wedding.

Mr. Holl had brain surgery a year ago, so it was truly a blessing that he was doing so well during the wedding. Little moments like this one in the limo were touching when you saw how much it meant to Eryn to have her dad be such a big part of the day.

Mr. Holl and Eryn outside the chapel.

Ryan and Eryn did a first-look.
Personally, I think I would prefer this during my wedding since it’s a much more private way to share seeing one another.

Eryn was nearly in tears

I try and step back a bit and let the bride and groom talk. This is the closest they’re going to get to being alone the rest of the day.

What was really great about these two is that they stand like this naturally. I didn’t pose them this way for any image or shot, instead Eryn simply stands with her arm around Ryan normally. They were waiting for direction from me I believe.. I gave none, instead just waiting and shooting them interacting and talking.

Mrs. Holl eventually came over for some portraits, too.
You can definitely see the resemblance between mother and daughter.

While I liked this location and the idea I had for this shot, it exported a bit too saturated – I’m not sure why and will need to re-edit. Also, the photos at the top of this post ended up being my favorite when initially I expected this to be. Funny how that worked out.

Again, I always love my photos in between the portraits. Ryan interacting with his groomsmen is more natural and real.

Little Stella was such a cute girl! And definitely taken back by seeing Eryn all dressed up.

Eryn showing off her shoes to Stella, namely the rhinestones.

And then Stella pointed out on her own that “she liked how these jewels match the ones on the dress!”
Can you believe that? I was stunned. What kid notices that?
“She’s definitely a girly girl.” Eryn told me. “She likes dresses and shiny things.”

From left: Riesling, Frankie, Stella, and Eryn.
Really cute shot of all the girls.

Eryn’s mom snapped a shot of me taking the image above at pretty much the same time I took mine!

Photos of brides kneeling to say hi to the kids are always so cute.

“Candid Cashel” over on the left didn’t want to get in the shot. Apparently he’s really shy and hates cameras.

As I mentioned earlier, we did some portraits in the hacienda.

I liked this shot a lot just as it was. But I also like the aged version I posted at the top, too.

This is definitely an Eryn-face I remember from years ago. The “What? Seriously?!?” look..
I think at this point everyone is questioning if we’re supposed to be starting now.

Ryan makes his way to the chapel.

Mrs. King and Mrs. Holl seemed very concerned about getting the candle lighting right during rehearsal. They did just fine during the ceremony, too.

Eryn and her father Mr. Holl about to start walking down the aisle.

Bishop Ryan

The Bishop was sharing some thoughts and views on marriage and that you’re one person and one unit after this (ceremony).

Exchanging of vows and I-Do’s

Mr. Holl tearing up during the vows.

Exchanging of rings

This was pretty sweet. Ryan held up his bride’s hand with a huge smile – it was followed immediately by applause.

“Oh, well first.. You may kiss the bride!” said Bishop Ryan.
I’ll be honest, I had to jump into the aisle to get the shot. I was waiting to do the unity candle, which was accidentally skipped during the ceremony without anyone else noticing.

It ended up clearing up and being a gorgeous afternoon just in time for the ceremony.

Bishop Ryan is actually related to Eryn and Ryan – so having him be a part of everything meant a lot to the family.

I don’t usually share portraits since they’re typically pretty standard… BUT look at Stella.
Throwin’ a little sass into the photo with her hand on her hip! Hahaha! It’s funnier ful res, but still.

We went ahead and did the unity candle since it’s ceremonious.

High fives!
Stella even got some air!

So as everyone was getting out of the limo two things happened that I couldn’t believe.
First, was some dude on bicycle coming around the back of the car, stopping inches from me and a foot away from Eryn and Ryan only to look at us and say “scuse me!”. Fortunately Ryan goes “Good job buddy! Got a wedding going on here!” as he goes around us. Seriously? How rude, right?
Thennn, this guy across the street comes over and asks us to move the limo (note, we’ve been there maybe two minutes unloading everyone). He gives a whole bunch of reasoning about how his bicycle-car rental people are waiting on us. Wow, sorry dude, they can’t wait a couple minutes and you feel the need to come up to a wedding party and tell us we need to move when this is where people unload for the restaurant? Good job. Hope you got that girls number you were trying to flirt with. Hahaha. Wow.

Eryn and Ryan waiting outside for their entrance.

Haha, Ryan and his sister Amy.

I’m pretty sure Eryn held every baby she could that day.
I’m sure it’s a completely obvious hint…

The cake was delicious

The cake topper Eryn and Ryan used is from 62 year ago, at her grandmother’s wedding. Grandma Clare and Grandpa Art Holl.

The spread of food at the culinary center was pretty awesome looking. And all the food was great too.

The girls were following each other all around in a line. It was really cute to watch.

Frankie, Stella and Riesling

The gold ring and handkerchief were Eryn’s grandmothers. The “E” is simply for Eryn of course.

Eryn’s engagement ring is also her grandmother’s engagement ring, her Mom’s mom.
And if you look at this photo full resolution (which you can’t on my blog, haha, sorry) you’ll see me reflected in Ryan’s ring along with Tia who I was sitting and talking to while taking these.

One of Eryn’s oldest friends, Todd, giving his speech.

He got emotional, then Eryn tried to console him, then they both got emotional. Mom had to come save the day, hahaha.

First dance as husband and wife!

Daddy-daughter dance was really hard to watch without feeling a lot of emotions too.

As I mentioned, it’s very lucky that Mr. Holl is doing so well and was able to be here for Eryn’s wedding. She kept tearing up throughout the dance.

Mother-son dance was next

Stella had some really amazing expressions. This was really cute, she’s watching Ryan dance with his mother.

Bishop Ryan was family, like I said, so he stayed and partied too!

I really loved watching Mrs. Holl dance with her husband. They had so much fun out on the dance floor.

Mr. Holl, center, and his six brothers! I couldn’t imagine having that many brothers. Imagine all the trouble you’d get in?! Ha!

Quinn and Gene spent nearly the whole day playing together.

Ryan was pretty much violated by his work buddies. They had to try for a while to get everyone together AND find Ryan for this shot.

Ryan And Eryn cutting the grooms cake. This actually ended up being the “cutting cake” since Ryan has a dairy allergy and this is specially made.

Forks and all! Guess it’s less messy that way.

We went ahead and did shots of the larger brides cake too.

The girls aren’t joking around, they intended to be first in line for cake.

Sorry honey! You can’t eat this. More for me!

So, right before the garter I asked Ryan “Are you using your teeth or your hands?”. His response? “That’s a good idea! Teeth..”

Eryn, however, couldn’t stop from giggling.

Notice the garter. Cachel stretched it over his head and around his neck.
After this shot I showed him how he’s supposed to put it on his arm, lol.

Some of the King family.

Amy and her father Mr. King.

Eryn and her old high school friend Laura. I had been wondering where Eryn disappeared to and found these two chatting away in the corner.

Look at Frankie’s expression..

So cute as they danced

Eryn comparing shoes with old friend Robert Van der Vijver. Robert owns a winery in Fair Play, CA, and brought a barrel of wine for the reception. Robert is dutch, and wears wooden shoes every day.

Robert, right, and his dog Bella were showing Mr. King a few little tricks. It was hilarious, Bella would only take the treat after Eryn gave Robert a kiss on the cheek.

Here Bella has her head turned away, and Robert explains that she doesn’t want the treat.

The kids couldn’t make it through the whole night – but they’re on mid-west time anyway having just traveled cross country for the wedding.

Last dance of the night

I’m pretty sure Stella wanted the rose for her hair, too.

Me, Ryan and Eryn at the end of the day.

Also had to get a shot of me, Eryn and Tia – some of the old work crew from years ago during our Disney days. The only one missing is Stuart who left a bit early since he had to drive a couple hours home.

Being able to spend such an important weekend with the Kings and Holls was great – but being able to photograph this for Eryn was even better. I honestly would have never thought years ago when we would go racing through the service halls of the mall with carts full of boxes, cramming tons and tons of extra merchandise into various storage rooms all over the mall, or working in the wee hours of the morning during the busy Christmas season, that one day I’d be photographing her wedding.
A number of the friends I met during that time in my life have resulted in some of my closest friendships. Eryn has always been one of the most important, even though our lives took very different directions in the years following Disney, it’s rare to have a friend you can reconnect with like no time has passed at all.

Eryn and Ryan, Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your wedding. I had a blast, and hope you enjoy all the memories I was able to capture for you.

And thank you to my readers who made it this far! Check back next week for upcoming projects.

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  1. JIM!
    You have outdone yourself! The images you captured tell the story from our wedding day. It is so great to see them because lord knows I don’t remember much from that day…such a blur! :o) You got pictures of things that I didn’t even need to tell you I wanted….amazing how that worked and a relief to know that you can read my mind.
    Thanks again for everything. You are loved by the Kings and Holls.
    lil jim

  2. John,

    Outstanding work…the photo of Eryn and her father silhouetted in the doorway of the church at the beginning of the ceremony is iconic, and I once again teared up at the pics of the father-daughter dance. Your candid shots were amazing, and captured the beauty that is Eryn and Ryan stunningly.

    Another amazing job good sir!


  3. John,

    How do I get copies of some of these pictures to put on facebook and frame? They were all wonderful, but a few that are so beautiful.

    Thank you,

  4. I knew Ryan when he was a baby and growing up. These are the most stunning wedding photos I have ever seen. Great job – John, you have a gift. If I have an event I would like a photographer for, I will definitely contact you, even though I live in the East.

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