Ryan and Jen Moody – on their surprisingly chilly and snowy wedding day in Virginia!

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting for Ryan, one of my old roommates from when I lived in Florida. He asked me nearly a year ago to keep the date open for his and Jen’s wedding weekend on the East Coast. I was paid an amazing compliment when he said “Two things we knew we wanted were the church, and your photography.”
How awesome.
And personally, this photo of the two of them while it was snowing outside made for a wonderfully unique shot.

So, a bit of history about me, Ryan, and best-man Mike. We all used to live together in Florida. We were all roommates while doing the Walt Disney World College Program in 2003. Basically it’s a work program that allows you to earn college internship credits while working for the Mouse. I, personally, was a lifeguard and lifeguard trainer for Blizzard Beach water park. And that was one of the best years of my life so far. Ryan and Mike (his best man) were two of the other six guys I lived with out in Orlando. I have so many great memories with them from our time living together that it was awesome to share such an important day with Ryan.

Ryan is originally from Texas, and now lives in Virginia where both him and Jen work in government. Originally when planning my trip out to shoot for them I was expecting one of those stereotypical New England falls with lots of colors in the trees and bright blue skies. And, to be fair, it was like that the day before the wedding for the rehearsal when we all were arriving in town and running various errands.
The weather reports quickly shifted from Sunny, to Chance of Rain, to Rain, to Chance of Snow, to Blizzard. Well, it definitely did start snowing in the middle of the night and continued the rest of the day and through the wedding ceremony. Good thing we were indoors!!

Since I’ve lived with Ryan in the past, and it was just like living with him again while I was there, the morning of the wedding when he was out shoveling snow I was able to run out to take photos and laugh without feeling bad. Actually, I ran out, took a few photos, teased Ryan about how that’s how he got to spend his wedding morning, sent out a photo with my phone to our other old roommates from Florida, and then ran back inside where it was warm.
Lift with your legs, Ryan!

Unfortunately, due to the unexpected weather, it caused a few small issues with the morning. I wasn’t able to get out to the girls while they had their hair done and the usual wedding-morning stuff. There were also a handful of guests that couldn’t make it due to the road conditions. But it also made for a few fun things, like snowboots and photos with falling snowflakes.

Both Ryan and Jen are pretty chill and laid back about things. Which as I’ve said before almost makes things tricky for me because they’re going to be ok with almost anything I tell them or ask them. “Do you want A or B” “That sounds great John! Up to you.” “Wait, no, which do you want!?” Haha, kinda like that…
But we all had a great time. Their ceremony was smaller and made up of their closest family and friends. The reception was at the George Washington Hotel – and many people were able to make it there that may have missed the ceremony earlier that afternoon.

I’ll save the rest of my comments for the captions, as usual. But again, I had a great time meeting both Ryan and Jen’s families. It was awesome to see Mike again, too, who I hadn’t seen in five years since he was still living in Oregon (and we were at another old rooomate’s wedding!).

Click the break for more..

Waiting to start the rehearsal. Still missing a couple key family members.

The Saint Bridget of Ireland Catholic Church

Ryan chattin with Father Krempa. Ryan’s dad and brother on the right.

Best man Mike and Maid of Honor Susan lining up.

Later that night at dinner, Mr. Chasteen opening his Father of the Bride gift.

Mike’s been a golfer since before Ryan and I met him, so Ryan has some custom balls made for him.

Ryan shoveling the driveway the morning of the wedding. Haha!

This was actually the first time he’d lived somewhere where it snows this much. He missed last snow season when he moved to Virginia.

Jen’s dress

Makeup time! Both Susan and Karen had to deal with their aunt standing there to make sure they put on some makeup for the day. Neither are used to wearing much at all, they laughed.

I found Jen hiding in one of the bathrooms doing her makeup… farrrr from me and my camera. Ha!

I really love this shot of her shoes. Very simple. Done with window light, too.

No heels right now though! A little help with her snow boots from her sister Susan.

I really liked this moment because they’re laughing, trying to walk, trying to not get too much snow on them because it was actually blowing pretty hard right then, and also trying not to slip.

Jen and her father hiding out in the entry way before things get going.

Mr. Chasteen and his twin girls. They were all joking and laughing about something.
And fortunately they had different hair and outfits today. Had you seen them the day before when they were both wearing sweaters you’d have trouble telling them apart.

Me and Mike, right before things get started.

Ryan’s first look at his bride!

Lot of prayers and kneeling for those of you who haven’t been to a full-mass wedding.

Exchanging of vows

She does! Woo hoo!!!

Andddd I’m officially the last un-married roommate from all us Florida roommates now. Hahaha!

Ryan and Jennifer sneaking secrets during some of the activities! Caught youuuu!

Mr. and Mrs. Moody!

Hiding out upstairs while people clear out so we can do the family portraits

Mike, Ryan and Me. First time we’ve all been together since ’03 I think. Although I’ve seen both of them at different points since then.

I wanted to get portraits outside while it was snowing. These look great high res. And I’m thrilled that the Moody’s are going to have some beautiful white wedding photos for their album.

Once the family disappeared their playful sides came out more when Ryan started making snowballs. Jen ran. I got hit with one. Haha!

On our way to the reception.

31 degrees out!

Bustling the dress.

Ryan and Jen had very elegant, simple rings. And Jen’s bouquet was a beautiful contrast of bright vibrant colors to the snowy day.

The George Washington Hotel

The October themed cake!

Ryan and Jen did their guest book a bit differently. You simply pressed your finger to stamp a print on their tree of friends and family instead of signing a book.

All of us hanging out waiting for the introductions

Montana and Karen

Mike and Susan

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Moody!

First dance as husband and wife.

If you watched close enough, you can see how much they love each other… even if they were shy in front of their families the rest of the day ;)

Ryan’s Uncle Pat giving the blessing before dinner

Uncle Pat also gave a shout out to Mr. Chasteen for hosting everyone for his daughter’s wedding!

I don’t remember what he was saying here. But I’m sure it was a silly story of some kind.

Mike gave a really amazing Best Man speech to Ryan and Jennifer. I actually also got a shout out, too, when he mentioned us all meeting in Orlando.

Daddy-daughter dance!

Ryan’s aunt and uncle danced the whole night away. You want to see two people who really love each other… just watch these two interact as they tell you stories about their life. It was wonderful.

Mike, breaking it down with all the ladies to the cha-cha slide.

There were a few cheers to smash the cake on each other

They were sweet about it though

The DJ asked everyone to do a jump photo. Not my thing, but it made for a silly shot. He was trying to get everyone active on out on the dance floor a bit more. It did work a bit, actually.

Mike, always dancing. I have tons of video clips from when we all lived together of him dancing, too.
His wife Lauren is right behind him. I teased and said “How could you marry this guy?!” She laughed, smiled, and said “How could I not?!!”

Still dancing… some of the only ones left on the dance floor

Me and the Moodys!

Had to do one dis shot out in the chilly night air!

Last dance of the evening.

…and this is the face they both made when I was taking photos of them at the end of the night!

That about wraps up my trip to Virginia for Ryan and Jennifer’s wedding. Again, I had a great time getting to know their families and also seeing Ryan and Mike again. It’s wild to stop and think how fast time has gone since we all lived together so long ago.
From Virginia I went on to Baltimore and Boston – if you didn’t see my previous blog on the cranberry bogs I would recommend checking it out.

I’ve been swamped with work since returning to California, which is why this blog update is a bit delayed. I’ll hopefully have more posts up soon with some of the work I’ve been doing the last month.
Also, later this week I will be competing the RAW Photographer of the Year awards showcase. I’m a nominee for Photographer of the Year. So please go check that out and if you’re in LA/Hollywood area this Thursday come vote for me!

And to the Moody and Chasteen families, Thank You! I had a great time out east with you all!


6 thoughts on “The Moody’s Snowy Virginia Wedding

  1. John,
    Thank you so much for posting these fantastic pictures. I can’t begin to tell you how much they are appreciated. It was a pleasure meeting you for a few short days. Please come to the Lower Rio Grande Valley for a visit. Bev and I will show you how people live in the desert within 50 miles of the Gulf of Mexico. And you might find a pair of boots that you like.
    Uncle Pat

  2. John, you are indeed a very talented photographer! The wedding pictures are BEAUTIFUL! We really enjoyed meeting and getting to know you. I hope you will plan a visit to the Rio Grande Valley in the near future! Thanks for posting these pictures!
    All the best,
    Aunt Bev
    P S Love your other pics too!

  3. Great pictures, and you are an awesome storyteller as well! My face hurts from smiling the entire time I was looking at these images! Ryan has done amazing since his days at Lamar! And how lucky they are to have an amazing friend with mad skills!

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