Angela and Kevin’s wedding, also known as “The wedding I shot because of the wedding I shot because of the wedding I shot…”

Makes perfect sense right? I just returned from the East Coast and shooting the Tickle-Ripp wedding in Baltimore. I joked with several friends about the wedding any time I was asked how I ended up shooting way out in Maryland. “Oh! Well, I met Kevin and Angela at a wedding I was shooting in Michigan. Kevin was the Best Man to Ray, who married Alison. And I met Alison two years prior when she was a bridesmaid for Jessica…. did you follow all that?”

For those of you reading, here’s a easy-to-understand graphic…

I constantly say how flattering it is that my clients bring me all over the country to shoot for them. And connections like this one (the Ripp wedding) are an incredible example of friendships made during business trips.

When I first met Kevin and Angela it was during the Johnson wedding – during the rehearsal dinner. I was among the first to arrive at the restaurant along with Kevin and Angela. We all were sitting at the bar talking about various things, including how I was there from California and they were in town from DC.
From just the first 20 minutes or so sitting with the two of them chatting about nothing important it was clear how much they cared about each other. Several of us joke about how they’re disgustingly cute together – and that’s the truth. But at the same time it’s so awesome when you see people that can be totally genuine around each other AND others at the same time.
We kept in touch through facebook and followed each others photos after returning to our home states. And after they were engaged I was thrilled when I got an email from Kevin asking about coming out to Baltimore to shoot for them!

I was excited to arrive in Baltimore and meet up with everyone when that Friday afternoon for the rehearsal finally rolled around. If the Tickle and Ripp families and friends were anything like Kevin and Angela, then it was going to be an awesome couple days!
We all met up at the hotel and then headed out to the church for practice – there was a ton of traffic. On my cab ride there I talked to the driver about how he had come to the US and built a new life for himself. As we talked about travel and travel-times he laughingly said that as much as he misses home back in Africa the long plane flight keeps him from ever visiting. LOL!

Once at the rehearsal the pastor was shocked when I hadn’t heard about “the photo”… Turns out that Angela wanted a group shot with everyone at the wedding directly after the ceremony. The pastor said in 37 years he had never done anything like that and hoped it would work out well. I smiled and said “No problem! I just did that two weeks ago out in Yosemite at a wedding”. The rehearsal dinner was out on the water at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Lots of laughs and lots of story telling. My favorite part of the dinners are getting a chance to know everyone a little bit, and also making them more comfortable around me and a camera since I’ll be running around the next day with them non-stop.

The wedding day started as normal – hanging out with all the girls as they did all their hair and makeup prep. It’s always hilarious to sit and listen to the stories the girls laugh about throughout the morning. Poor Michelle was being picked on and teased about being “The Drunk Bridesmaid” because she finished Kevin’s drinks the night prior at the after party. Realistically though she gets bonus points for taking them for the team since she was keeping Kevin from having too many drinks before his big day. Team player all the way! Haha!

The ceremony was beautiful, and the pastor was awesome. There were several points where he needed to be directly in front of the bride and groom for ceremonial reasons. However the rest of the time he stepped off to the side. He had told me “the ceremony is NOT about me. I don’t understand the pastors who make it about them, but I try to give as much attention to the bride and groom as possible.” How great is that?

After the ceremony we went up to Federal Hill to do a few photos with the skyline in the background. I also did a dip shot (top of this blog) as I do with most of my weddings.. We had quite an audience that day, too. It was nice out and there were lots of families sitting and watching us. One lady actually came up to Angela to congratulate her, and then said that everyone looked like they were having fun and that she wished her wedding photographer took fun ones like we were doing that afternoon. I can’t even take any credit for that comment either, we were just joking around and not doing anything too specific.

The reception was back at the hotel and everyone celebrated through the evening hours. There is plenty more I could continue to write about, but I’ll save a lot more for the captions. I always feel like I have so many wonderful stories and things to say about each wedding I do. But I’m fairly sure you’re here to see photos and not just read about it. So, click past the break for 170 images from the Tickle-Ripp wedding.

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Bright and sunny out the afternoon of the rehearsal

Getting a little pep talk before things get started

Everyone workin on positions so they know how things are going to go down the next day

On the water taxi headed to dinner after the rehearsal

The Rusty Scupper!

Kevin and Ray laughing and telling stories

Kiss and congratulations from Grandpa!

“Get out of the middle of the photo, Michelle!” “We’re all hugging Angie though..” “No, we’re all just hugging you..”

All the guys took a photo holding up Angela… then Kevin said he wanted one, too. Bravo to the ladies for doing this in heels!

It was a gorgeous night out

Getting the morning started with mimosas

Angela’s dress was gorgeous

Gotta have plenty of accessories. Including your Old, New, and Blue

Make up time!

The girls took a small break from gettin’ prepped for gifts that Angela bought them

Ray stopped by with Angela’s gift and card from Kevin

Whatever he wrote to Angela definitely worked. Good thing she hadn’t had her makeup done yet

I left with Ray to head back to Kevin’s room while he opened his gift from Angela. He thought he already knew what it was – Met’s game tickets. But Angela had also purchased a custom brick at the stadium with their names on it!

“Oh man… how’d I miss…. John! You’re gonna delete that one, right?”

Best friend and Best Man Ray putting on Kevin’s corsage

Got back in time for Angela as she was starting hair and makeup

Jenna and Michelle checkin the photos they were snapping with their phones. Poor Jenna broke her finger right before the wedding week :-(

Amanda takes a snap of her little sister Kaitlyn the flower girl

Hair and makeup are done! Almost time for the dress

Helping Mom with her corsage

All the rooms had small binoculars so you could check out what was going on in the harbor!

And also puttin Dad’s corsage on him, too

Little Kaitlyn is gonna put me out of work..

Dress time with some help from the ladies

Maid of Honor Amanda doing a little surgery on the dress

Angela getting some help from Mom with her heels

When it came time to put the veil on, Angela’s mom jumped up and said “Oh! Can I do it!!??” It was really cute

Angela looked amazing, don’t you agree?

Piled into the elevator to head to the church

Angela’s little niece Vivian constantly looked at me with distrust, like “WHO are you…?”

Mr. Tickle waiting for his daughter

Just arrived at the church and getting ready to head in

Me and Angela right before she gets ready to head down the aisle!

Second pep talk with Reed and Kaitlyn… I’m guessing they’re going over whatever it was they talked about yesterday

Nailed it! Perfect!

Kevin watching as Angela comes down the aisle!

A kiss for his little girl

And a handshake for Kevin as Mr. Tickle hands off his daughter to be married

Kevin and Angela sit and listen and as the pastor talks of when he first met them both

Discussing marriage and advice for the couple

He had some great expressions

Reed did an awesome job of sitting quietly, even if he was bored

Proud mama, watching her little girl

Ray passes the rings to Angela

Angela says her vows as she offers a ring to Kevin; young Reed stands and watches

And Kevin exchanges his vows and a wedding band for Angela

A tearful Mr. Ripp

One final blessing

Mr. and Mrs. Ripp!

See, that group shot wasn’t that difficult to do. Huge Thanks owed to the pastor who helped organize and arrange everyone!

Afterward we did all the portraits with everyone. Kevin wanted a casual sitting one, then the ladies jumped in and it turned out to be a great group shot with the bridal party and groomsmen

Everyone toasting on our way to the park for more photos!

Had to get one shot with me in it. Haha!

I’m sure this looked ridiculous to everyone watching us. For those who can’t tell, that’s a cliff/ledge that rolls down a hill and into traffic below. Amanda proposed the idea and Kevin held Angela’s veil so it was a little more obvious what they were doing

Same photo as up top. But I promised Maid of Honor Amanda that I would give her assistant credit for being my light holder in the shot! Really I should bring an assistant in a dress and heels to everything I shoot. I think that’s a great plan.

Afterward we headed down to the harbor and walked around a bit

And we were there right when they were firing the canon on the ship!

Afterward we all headed back to the suite, kicked off our shoes, and relaxed for the last half hour until the cocktail hour.

Angela and Kevin toasting with a bottle of champagne gifted to her on her bachelorette weekend – apparently it wasn’t too good though

Their rings

During our separate cocktail hour Kevin and Angela stood up and practiced a bit of their first dance! It was really cute watching them in their own world as everyone else continued to chat and socialize

We made our way over to the reception hall to check out the decorations

Angela the Kevin were able to get a look at their cake, too!

Reed and Kaitlyn playing as they wait for the entrance to begin

Everyone lining up and getting in entrance-order

They had their entrance down! Big smiles and waves the whole way… I wonder if family members had to bribe them, this never happens with young kids

Kevin and Angela entered to a standing ovation

and immediately started their first dance

They were having so much fun out there. Everyone should just try to find someone they can have fun and laugh with. That’s clearly the best

A spin..

and a dip!

Angela, listening and smiling and Kevin thanked everyone for being there and then specifically credited Angela for getting him to dance and learn some steps in the weeks leading up to the wedding so he wouldn’t have trouble in front of everyone on their wedding day

Maid of Honor Amanda, giving her speech and talking about when she first met Kevin

“I asked Angela what she liked about him… and she responded ‘he thinks I’m funny..'”
I love heartfelt wedding speeches, and best friends are always going to be the biggest critics of who their friends marry. It didn’t sound like Amanda was any different as she talked about immediately scrutinizing Kevin when she knew Angela was falling for him.

Next up was Best Man Ray – who immediately called out Mr. Ripp on a jab he made the night before at the rehearsal dinner

Angela and Kevin listen as Ray starts telling stories from college with Kevin

As Ray continued his stories he pulls out a prop… a small women’s sweat shirt. Ray said that when Kevin and Angela first started dating, there was a time when Angela came over to the house. There was a women’s sweater there left by some one and Angela asked whose it was. Like any true friend, Ray immediately said it was his AND not only put on the size-small sweater, but wore it the rest of the night to prove that he was, in fact, the owner.

As dinner began to be served Angela and Kevin got a head start on walking tables

Angela laughing with Kaitlyn

It’s no secret that my favorite dance is the Daddy-Daughter dance. Always sweet to watch any father dance with his little girl

I had quite a bit of competition that evening, all attractive females though. So I can’t complain

And Mom running over to get a snap on her camera, too!

And right after is when all the dancing got started with everyone coming out to the floor to join

Being the Best Man is tough work

Kaitlyn learning the Cupid Shuffle

Ray and Alison almost never stop dancing together. It’s so cute to watch how much fun they have. When I shot their wedding two years ago Ray stayed on the dance floor nearly the entire night

I love this shot cuz they didn’t discuss exactly what they were doing in the photo… they just decided on “guns”

Congratulations from Grandpa

Me and the Johnsons! Had to get a photo with these two! They’re the reason I was there shooting for the Ripp’s

Angela dancing with her grandfather

Her mom laughed when she saw me snap another shot of her. I thought it was sweet how she was watching her daughter with such pride

The Johnsons, still dancin!

Finally it was time to cut the cake!

Should I?

He did it! LOL!

Angela got him back immediately though

Little Vivian counts as a single lady… so she went out for the bouquet toss

Jenna caught the bouquet – with a broken finger no less!

Next up was the garter… Kevin gave Angela a little dance, first, too!

Garters don’t tend to fly too far…

So as it fell, it fell right in front of the group where Reed was standing!


Dancing continued shortly after as the cake was being cut and passed out to the tables

And the most important shot, as always… Me with the bride and groom, Kevin and Angela Ripp!

By request, Shakira was played. Little Kaitlyn ran out to the dance floor and started doing a little shake. Apparently it was something she started doing entirely on her own at a past family event and now she does it all the time when she hears that song!

She had everyone around her cheering her on, too!

Singing and dancing

And then the ladies attacked Kevin…

And he hated every minute of it…

As the night was winding down the DJ played two back to back slow songs for everyone..

A couple last shots of the Johnsons, too. Alison commented that evening “that’s the perk of knowing the photographer, we’ll get our own photos!”

I didn’t get the chance to meet this couple personally, but I thought this was incredibly cute. Not to miss a dance, they both held their son and slow danced together during the last song. How.Cute. I had to circle the entire dance floor three times before a space opened up and I was able to get this shot.

Last hug on the dance floor as the night has ended and the reception is officially over.

What an incredibly fun filled day with everyone! I had so much fun and was really sad that I couldn’t attend the brief after party that everyone had at the bar across from the reception hall, haha! I had made plans to head outside Baltimore that evening to be up the next day and photograph a horse show (I’ll save that for another blog, though).

Thank you to everyone who made it this far; as with any wedding post that was a lot of photos and reading to scroll through. Huge huge thank you to Kevin and Angela for bringing me all the way out to Baltimore for a wonderful weekend shooting their wedding day. I  hope you both have enjoyed the images so far.

Next week I leave for Los Gatos to shoot the Rowe wedding. The week after is the Godoy wedding here in LA. And after that I’m off to Michigan for the Maurer wedding! Lots of wedding work ahead… hope you guys aren’t tired of it yet… haha!


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  1. You are an incredible photographer John. I feel like I was there at the wedding! Great story telling through photos. You caught important nuances, made me laugh and made me say “awwww” quite a few times. These are absolutely fantastic!

  2. The photographs are wonderful. Thanks for documenting this special event with such care and attention to detail!

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