For the second weekend in a row, I flew cross country to Michigan to shoot a wedding.

This time around it was Lisa who called me “last minute” a few months back to explain some problems with the photography company they were dealing with. Long story short, her and Craig decided they wanted to bring me out from California to shoot the wedding instead.
I met Craig and Lisa shortly after transferring to Michigan to finish my degree. Craig I knew through football, he was on the team, and I shot the team..

The wedding itself was beautiful. It was a traditional wedding in an old Catholic church.

The lighting was really tricky – however the priest gave me permission to use strobes, and asked that I not photograph the sacrament part of mass. Easy enough rules to follow.

I have a lot of really fun photos from the reception, too. It was basically a huge party and small reunion for many of the athletes from school. I got to see so many old faces and I had such an incredible time with everyone.

I do want to share one particular photo though…

I captured this image of Craig, quietly waiting for the ceremony to start. You can see a hint of light catching the side of Ben, the best man’s, head on the right side of the image as they both sit in the darkness. I think it just shows the feeling of slight nervousness and anticipation as they talked beforehand.

One of my favorite images is this shot of Lisa, Craig, Me, and Anne after doing some portraits by the lake. We also took some really gorgeous ones at the marina as well. But the whole shoot was filled with laughter, and dancing. Anne was my hot assistant for the afternoon multiple times – gonna have to start bringing her to California to help on shoots now.

Also, I’m jumping back and forth between this wedding, the DeLand wedding from last weekend, and the D’Orazio engagement shoot.

This is another shot from the D’Orazio engagement shoot last week in Frankenmuth.
Mike really liked the bridge shot I did for Joanne and Jason two months ago for their engagement photos. This was a variation of that image on a pretty cool bridge out there. I’m pleased how it turned out. And while it looks nice in color, I think I prefer it in black and white.

Anyway, I have another busy week ahead. Tons of editing to do, many many images to color correct and tone.
This weekend I’m shooting the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series again – but it’s evening/night racing under the lights… so that should be a blast.

Check back later this week… I should have many more updates and some portfolio updates as well.