My Hollywood showcase, with RAW Artists


Last night was my showcase in Hollywood, at Playhouse with RAW Artists. As many of you know, I was contacted by RAW Artists a little over a month ago. They had come across my photography and were interested in having me showcase with them. Well, that event was last night and the support I received from everyone was overwhelming.

I was really touched by how many people came out to support me and my work – and even the goofy shot of five of my subjects and myself above is awesome!

So often I tend to look at my work as just photos.
Don’t get me wrong, I believe in my work and stand my imagery. I’m confident in my abilities, but I still will look at my images as something that my subjects allow me to very easily create with them.

What I’m trying to say, is that often I forget that the portraits I’ve created of people mean more to those individuals than I realize. ¬†And nearly every person from my collection in last nights showcase proved that by showing up excited to see their photo on the wall, give me a hug, congratulate me on my work, and thank me for allowing them to be a part of it.

I’m surprised I didn’t get more emotional, but as I go through these photos and see what a great time everyone had talking and meeting one another, it compounds the amount of love there really was last night. Again, Thank You!

A couple things that stand out, before I get to a huge assortment of photos…
My cousin drove up from San Diego to be there even though he had to work at 4a the next day, thank you Gianni!
My Mom and step-dad flew down last minute from the Bay Area.
Adam, who turned into my poster-boy for this whole event, came out on his 25th birthday to be there.
Lauren, my best girl friend here in LA, celebrated her birthday last night with me at the show AND took tons of photos for me because she knew I wouldn’t have time.

Everyone else that attended, texted, called, emailed, posted on facebook, etc. Thank you all for the support!

Please check out the rest of the images after the break, I’ll have a lot more to say about the event and people that attended.

This is early in the afternoon. Everyone just starting to get set up.

Finished my layout. I had a great location and entire wall to myself. I selected my location early on to make sure I had a spot with great light.

Things are starting to fill up more as we get closer to opening. I’ve already done my interview at this point, was able to grab lunch/dinner with my mom and step dad in Hollywood down the street.

David Esquire was one of the first people to arrive that evening for the show.
He’s been hugely supportive of me since I moved to LA nearly three years ago.

Great friend, and BMX legend, Rick Thorne was one of my featured portraits in the series.
I was really touched that Rick was able to make time to come down and see the show. For anyone who doesn’t know him, Rick is constantly busy but does his best to make time for people in life. Thanks brotha!

My mom flew down from the San Francisco Bay Area that afternoon for the show.

My step-dad came too!

Anddd my cousin Gianni drove up from San Diego for the evening despite having to work at 4am the next morning. It was great to have some family there to support my show. I was bummed my father, sister and brother-in-law couldn’t be there. But, last-minute tickets are ridiculously expensive and I know my mom probably just entered her credit card number and looked the other way. haha.

Me and Gianni

Love these girls!
Elizabeth, me, Lauren, and Seymon.
It was hilarious, after Beth and Lauren nearly tackled me when they ran up after arriving, my cousin Gianni apparently turned to my mom and said “That’s it. I’m selling my business and becoming a photographer. I didn’t know photographers have groupies.”

Beth and Lauren, explaining Beth’s home-made artsy shirt.

Ha! Obviously I didn’t seem to think something was as funny.

Caitlin! I haven’t seen her since school in Michigan! We used do assignments together while working in newspaper. She’s now a writer her in SoCal after picking up and moving away from her home in MI. She came out to the show on CRUTCHES because she got a stress fracture while running (and completing) the LA Marathon!

Seymon, Elizabeth, me, Lauren, and Kassandra.
Kasssandra was one of my featured portraits. I’ve shot her a couple times including for the 2011 K&N Filters calendar.

Jessika and Adam.
Adam Saunder is BMXer and rides for Sullen Clothing. His photo (behind him and over his shoulder) really became my main image I used for promoting this show. I also had new business cards made using his image.
Adam just laughs and points out “Yeah, and I didn’t even really want my photo taken that day…” It came out great though and Adam has been an amazing addition to my portfolio. Jessika has been hugely supportive of my show the last month too. Thank you both!

Mark Fightshark Miller and Shelby Jones.
Two amazing additions to this series. Shelby is an ex-model who is now training as a MMA/Kickboxing fighter.
Mark is the first fighter to get back in the ring after open heart surgery. His portraits I shot are currently being used across the web in stories promoting his comeback fight in Russia next month!

Me and David again, along with his wife Katherine!

Me and Michael Benz, along with his publicist Danielle.
Michael and I have worked together on various projects the last 2 1/2 years. When I was thinking of people I had to have for this series, Michael was a definite addition. Michael hosts tons of events around Hollywood, his image and personality is very well known. And it’s rare to meet someone like Michael who is also genuine enough a person to talk to any random person that comes up to him – and believe me, it happens many times a day.

Josiah and Shige.
Josiah is an old friend and extremely talented graphics guy. The easiest way to explain what he does: “all that spinning stuff, footballs, logos and things during Monday Night Football… stuff like that!”

Samantha Ward and JJ Dunlap.
Samantha is an incredible make up artist that I’ve worked with on various projects the last few years. She did makeup for a few of the portraits in my series.
JJ is a DJ and musician. His screaming portrait is quick to make everyone smile and understand the story behind it without any questions at all.

Trying to arrange all my other buddies…

I don’t know why we’re all picking on Stephanie… but yeah. Sorry!

Huge Thank You to the Topdown family members that came out!
This is part of the car community that I’m fairly active in. Even though all our lives have started moving different ways the last year or so, it was great to see everyone come out to see my work!

Lauren… wanted a self portrait

Me and Clifford.
I shot Clifford’s portrait over two years ago, and recently came back to it to re-edit it and bring out all the detail you see in the current version. Clifford and I met randomly one day at the Farmer’s Market and spent time chatting about cameras and nerdy stuff like that. Haha!
We’ve remained in touch since.

Stephanie and Micah.
At some point I’m supposed to photograph these two…

Alex Doan, owner of Ballade Motorsports in Garden Grove.

Herianne and Al… Al, you blinked, sorry… I didn’t take it so I’m not taking fault on this. haha.

Gianni was gettin ready to start his drive back to San Diego.

David and Clifford goofing around with my cards

Look! Same bra I wore during this photoshoot!

Michael and Gianni
Gianni wanted to meet Michael after seeing his photo. So, before he left we and tracked down Michael to get a photo.

Same photo as up top. Love this shot. I wish all my subject were around at the same time. It would have been great to have everyone in one shot.

Me and Kassandra!
She’s also an extremely talented hairstylist and makeup artist.

Me and Micah

Seymon taking photos

allllmost lined up..

Yep, you got it!

Duhhh, all my friends are beautiful, hellooooo.
Haha, seriously though, these girls are all amazingly wonderful friends. They just all happen to be gorgeous. If I didn’t know them all I’d probably be intimidated… hahaha

David, always in search of the perfect angle for his photos – he’s a rockin’ OC wedding photographer for those who don’t know.


Seymon, Lauren and Cyrus. Apparently Cyrus wasn’t in our group shot! Sorry man!

DeMarcus is another friend from Michigan. He’s since moved to LA, built and new life and has been pursuing theater and acting.

Michael and Danielle traded outfits… sorta.

Michael gets to be in this photo three times… I get to sit with Danielle. Totally fair trade.

I look ridiculous mid-word… but, it’s funny.

Jimmy and Mei

Kamal was one of my featured portraits as well. We’ve done tons of work the last few years and every shoot we do is newer, better, and a different level than the last. Kamal Moummad is an actor and model here in LA, he’s been a huge supporter of mine too.

Me and Beth!
We still look as youthful as when we met when we were 14… right? half our lives ago… maybe?

<3 you Lauren!

End of the night. David and Kamal really loved their images

Naz, me, and Seven
Haven’t seen them in at least a year! Crazy how fast time goes

Fred, me, Naz, Seven.
There was a six month span or so that we were always at lounges and events. Ah, memories.


That’s it for photos. I had an amazing time and it was great to have sooo many people come out to support and see my work!
I would love to do something like this again. We’ll see how things go, but, again, Thank you to everyone!

And to those of you who couldn’t make it, your calls and text messages were appreciated! I was reading them all while running around that night!


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